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Month of roses

Last weekend I came up with the idea that due to the fact that February is claimed to be a month of roses I could wear rose fragrances exclusively through the entire month. But then I realized that even if I love my rose perfume, I don’t own so many to be able to fill the calendar with them. That’s when I reached out to you asking for help, so that we could make it a group effort and complete a February calendar, so that each of 28 days smells of different rose creation.

Your response was fantastic, many of you loved the idea and offered your favorite rose scents to help me with this challenge. Some of you were even ready to be filled in for more days that needed. My dear Undina even decided that she’ll wear only rose fragrances in February, she has so many of them. After taking into consideration all of your generous offers and days when you couldn’t participate, I managed to put it all together. I had so much fun making it work!

The result is a February calendar below. The one & only, unique and rich in roses. Just by looking at it I get the impression as I was smelling a bouquet of fresh roses. As you can see, each different days are assigned to different readers of Chemist in the Bottle and their respective perfume.


Due to the fact that I’ll be on a business trip in the Netherlands from Jan 31st to Feb 2nd, I will let Hajusuuri and Holly start the fun. I will hop on this rosy bandwagon on Feb 4th for the first time with one of my favorite winter roses – PHI Une Rose de Kandahar from Andy Tauer. I signed myself up for 6 days but I will do my best to wear a rose a couple more times. I hope everyone will enjoy this special February and its rose-richness we’ll create together.

For larger version of the calendar click here

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Searching for roses


Few days ago I’ve heard on the radio that upcoming February of 2017 is claimed to be a month of roses. I don’t know if it’s a yearly thing or why did they choose February (and who made the choice?) because I’ve never heard before about months having a patronage of flowers.

Anyway, this made me think and an idea sprouted in my head. Over the entire February I could only wear rose fragrances! Thrilled by this concept I rushed to my inventory only to realize that as much as I love rose perfume I don’t own that many of them, no matter if I search among full bottles, decants or samples. Plus wearing only rose perfume I would limit myself too much & I like to write for you about different kinds of fragrances! So how about we make it a group effort?

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme, Histoires de Parfums Rosam, Andy Tauer PHI, Atelier des Ors Rose Omeyyade, , Van Cleef & Arpels Rose Velours, Olivier Durbano Pink Quartz,

Listed above are 6 fragrances that I own either in full bottles or decants and will be happy to wear them in February. If you have a favorite rose fragrance that’s different than my choices, would it be ok to wear it on one day? If we can cover all 28 days of the month we can plan who is going to wear their chosen rose and when. Sounds fun? Let me know if you’d like to join this project.

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