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Everyday is Birthday?

There are many sayings out there that tell you what kind of attitude we should have towards our life. You know those quotes like “live like there’s no tomorrow”, “live like every day is your last one”. But why nobody came up with this one – live like everyday is your birthday, huh? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reason to celebrate on a daily basis? Since birthday is a special day to all people I think we would be much happier and in a better mood as mankind. On the other hand this would probably devaluate the importance of birthday celebration… And while birthday is just once a year there’s absolutely no reason to not try our best to feel happy and optimistic 365 days of the year.

Today is the day when I turn 31 and as long as I am healthy & happy, this is just a number that won’t affect my life in any negative way & I hope it will stay like this as long as possible so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s become a birthday tradition that I treat myself to a new perfume on this occasion but for the last few years I’ve proven to be very indecisive and I’d make my final decision few months after my birthday. But not this year! This time I actually made up my mind on time and my new treasure, a stunning bottle of Ormaie L’Ivree Bleue came to me on Monday. If you need a reminder of how it smells like please go back to my review. I’m glad to add it to my perfume wardrobe.

What else could I wear on my birthday than Prada Amber Pour Homme, a perfume that ignited my perfume passion? This flacon here is almost empty but worry not, I’ll get another one later.

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Summertime Brightness, Ormaie 28°

It was just a few days ago when the summer solstice marked the beginning of a summer season with the longest day of the year. Isn’t it ironic that no matter how many plans we’d normally have for the summertime, each day from now on will be slightly shorter? But this year is not normal at all and even though the borders of other countries are starting to open up again, many of us will chose to go on vacation locally instead of grand voyages across the world. To make it more enjoyable you should have some great perfume with you & I have another one, from Ormaie, that is just right for that!

28° has a very harmonious opening, serving a beautiful citrus blend. At first I could smell a cheerful lemon note which is way more complex than one could expect. Not only does it smell like a juicy, yellow lemon pulp but you also get a nicely pronounced zestiness coming from the peel. In addition to that there’s also that sort of powdery, muted back note coming from albedo – that white layer that hides right underneath the rind. After a short moment bergamot joins the composition and introduces a bit of lively tanginess with a little hint of green element, same shade as the citrus itself.

It doesn’t take long until the zestiness is balanced by a mouth-watering sweetness of mandarin. The latter brings the most cheer to the fragrance and also on my skin it feels very realistic – as if you just enjoyed a ripe fruit and some juice spilled on your skin. Pink pepper gives a bit of vibrancy. Later on 28° steps on a path adorned with white flowers growing all along the way but this perfume is also a very unusual way to present these powerful floral tones. Ormaie took the most supple elements of each and put them together into a mesmerizing decoration worthy of the most luxurious resorts.


Jasmine sambac doesn’t emanate cloud of indole here, instead it scatters in the air around the wearer an addictive scent that to my nose is a perfect combination of pure floral scent, very airy, with the smell of something breezy, summery. It also has a lovely facet of sea minerals – salty, crystalline, beachy. Tuberose gives Ormaie 28° more richness in this floral phase. It also introduces a creamy sensation that has a little bit of a coconut undertone. But don’t be scared, this milky feeling is very faint. It’s also airy like a mousse. Orange blossom turns this perfume into a solar goodness.

Together with a light touch of rose, orange blossom makes 28° a composition that shimmers with light pink and warm orange reflexes. Actually orange flower becomes the most prominent ingredient in this perfume. I love the bright & luminous character it gives to this Ormaie fragrance. Drydown tones down the flowery notes. There’s a nice sandalwood accord – substantive, with nice weight and more smooth than not. Vanilla makes it rounder and more cosmetic-like, to the point that the scent on my skin reminds me of an expensive sunscreen lotion. There’s also a whiff of immortelle.

No matter how difficult are the times we live in, summer still remains the time to enjoy oneself. And what better way than by gifting yourself with a new fragrance. 28° from Ormaie is an ideal choice if you do like summery scents  but you prefer to stay away from hesperidic compositions. This one is a dreamy, summery floral concoction that is ideal for an evening walk when 28°C outside – that’s actually from where this perfume took its name. I sign up with my name under this idea from the brand. I recently learned that Ormaie fragrances are all natural which makes me like them even more. Together with Les Brumes you have an ultimate perfume dream team. Sounds good?

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