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Asian Dream, Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus Elixir

We desire the most things that are the most out of our reach. I don’t know if you’d agree with this statement but I think that in many aspects of life what it says is quite true. For me it surely applies to travels – places that are the most distant from Poland are the ones where I dream to go someday. That’s probably where my interest in far East comes from. I wanted to visit Japan ever since I was a boy, later on China appeared on my bucket list too. Thanks to Ormonde Jayne I can experience today a small bit of the Orient in the comfort of my home, as I inhale the scent of osmanthus flowers.

Osmanthus Elixir begins with a lusciously tempting fruitiness that is oh so gorgeous and delicious that my mouth waters almost immediately. The scent is sweet but also slightly tart at the same time. This pretty invitation is thanks to pomelo. On my skin it smells more fruity than your average citrus but shares a similar juiciness with orange. After 2-3 minutes a honeyed facet is added to pomelo, making it even more mellow, smooth and delightful. For a little while pomelo is a solinote but then pimento joins the composition at the same time adding a faint spiciness to the juicy opening.

Davana adds a new dimension to Osmanthus Elixir, spreading a complex smell that is a combination of dry, grassy/hay-like, herbaceous bits. There’s something tangy about it that compliments the mildness of pomelo in a really nice way. As we move towards the heart of the composition the perfume becomes lighter and more sheer. Osmanthus steps into the spotlight quite early, and guys, it does smell lovely. It’s somehow fizzy & sparkling yet with some richness. Within it the smells of green tea, flowers and ripe apricots entwine with one another – almost like a dance!


Ever since I smelled osmanthus for the first time I though there’s something captivating and magical about it. Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus Elixir only confirms it. Still staying in a floral area, as osmanthus slowly fades away I could notice some wafts of white flowers – jasmine in particular. Sambac (as brand states) has a subtle, sheer scent that is almost translucent. Similar type as one of my summer favorites – California Reverie by Van Cleef & Arpels. Water lily adds some aquatic floral tones that suggests pastel shades of blue, green and pink. There’s much tranquility in it.

This floral bouquet of osmanthus, jasmine and water lily lasts on my skin for a very decent amount of time. Every minute of Osmanthus Elixir is truly enjoyable. Finally, couple of hours later, the base notes of this Ormonde Jayne scents start to unveil lazily. In my case vetiver is the most significant, effusing the succulent-like smell of the desert covered with dry, tall grass. It’s aromatic, fougere-ish, which is fine for me. The earthy smell of roots becomes one with deep and balmy accord of labdanum. The latter one has a slightly green tinge. Musk & cedarwood complete the picture.

Osmanthus Elixir, a new release from Ormonde Jayne in Elixir Collection, is extremely pretty, naturalistic and a very wearable composition. “Extreme” of this perfume refers to the fact that the formula of original Osmanthus has been slightly reorchestrated and poured to the highest concentration possible. Rumour has it that in Osmanthus Elixir there’s 50% perfume oil. This is a very elegant and sophisticated scent, suitable for a year-round use. It lingers all day on my skin, marking its presence in a very subtle way. Perfumer behind this fragrance is Linda Pilkington.

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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 50

Wowoweewa! It’s already a part 50th of Monday Quick Sniffs! I guess this calls for some celebration, doesn’t it? As soon as I come up with some idea I’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned.


I’m well aware that Ormonde Jayne is quite adored by perfume lovers in UK and not only there but for unknown reasons it was always more difficult to find something I’d like in this range. In 2015 I had hope I’d fall for Vanille d’Iris but what looked fantastic on paper turned out to be hard to bear on skin. Perfume starts with a note of coriander shortly followed by vegetal tones of carrot seed. But after a few minutes I begin to pick a very artificial element, like a cellophane foil and umami flavor at once. I blame it on Iso E Super – a material so adored by Geza Shoen. Later on orris butter makes the perfume more likeable again, with inflections of creamy magnolia, sueded osmanthus and jasmine. Drydown has an abstract vanilla that is neither sweet nor dark, Bourbon-like. Vetiver and cedarwood give it a dry facet while amber and tonka make the drydown warmer but not as cuddly as I’d want. In the overall impression the perfume doesn’t work for me, which is a shame… Maybe that’s for the better, knowing how steep are the OJ prices.


Safran Rare from Amouroud is one of the fragrances that I have mixed feelings about, meaning I can’t decide if I like or dislike it. In my case the perfume almost immediately jumps over to the heart notes, skipping top ones which include freesia, bergamot, frankincense and geranium. I can identify the incense accord but nothing else. Then the composition moves on to a very dry cedarwood note which feels rough and lacks some smoothing. Saffron has a liquory vibe and it also feels dry. It’s definitely not a plush, comforting saffron you know from other fragrances. A duet of flowers – rose and jasmine adds some luminosity to this rather dark perfume. Among base notes there’s quite a lot of oud oozing between other ingredients. Its dense, rich scent has an effect of engulfing anything else, like a lava that consumes any object on its way. Benzoin creates a balmy facet that feels slightly alcoholic. Vetiver and sandalwood add more woodiness but it continues to be parched. I didn’t get much vanilla from Safran Rare. Were I looking for a cosy saffron scent, this definitely wouldn’t be my choice.


Carner Barcelona introduced their Oriental Collection this Spring, which seems like a weird moment of the year to present ambers, incenses and other fragrances of that kind but that’s just my opinion. Ambar del Sur begins with a boozy vibe on my skin that makes me think of vodka. As soon as the fragrances warms up on the skin it releases an aromatic cloud of earthy-leafy patchouli. Semi-smooth sandalwood from Australia gives a nice weight to this composition while delicate hints of jasmine make it slightly softer. Amber, a star of this perfume is warm, balsamic and with some booziness to it. Later into fragrance development Ambar del Sur effuses a burning sensation of myrrh (with bit of plastic) and quite a generous dose of cistus (labdanum) for that smoky, balmy and sensual vibe. Tonka bean from Venezuela makes the perfume nicely warm, vibrant and spicy in a gourmandish way. Final touch of vanilla in responsible for adding that dark, smoked scent of vanilla pod – there’s sweetness but also something more mysterious and sensual. Ambar del Sur is not an inventive amber fragrance but it doesn’t mean it’s not nice. It’s just too similar to other ambers.

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