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Travelling Box of Perfume – On its way!


Warm autumn days are now over (or so it seems) and I can see how they become shorter in front of my eyes, in a visible way. Not that long ago it wasn’t dusky when I finished my workday – but now it is! But hey, we didn’t have such unusually optimistic October and a great first half of November in ages! But that’s not what I wanted to tell you about today.

It is with my great pleasure and excitement to share with you the news that this Thursday I mailed our Travelling Box of Perfume to the first person – Shelly! I hope it’ll arrive safe & sound at her doorstep.

Inside of the package, except for a lot of perfume of course, you’ll find a handwritten note explaining the idea of our project and a couple of rules we should follow to ensure a smooth process of passing the box from one to another. And because I’m sure everyone will be curious about the impressions other people might have I want to post updates from each of you. Those would include some of your opinions as well as the information what is taken from and what’s added to the box. Really looking forward to reading your thoughts! I hope you get to enjoy warm & cuddly, colorful autumn.

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Travelling Box of Perfume – Wishing Well

Houston, we have a problem! It seems that nobody on the US side of the box route is able to ship our travelling package back to Europe due to restrictions that you guys have over there. I kind of though this could be the case, that’s why my original idea was to start everything in Europe and then finish overseas. But that would also reduce the amount of fun because the more new things are added to the box at an early stage, the more people will get a chance to smell them.


It’s a dead circle and to be honest I don’t know what to do in this case. Taking the risk that the package could be destroyed if anyone of you agreed to send it to Spain is no good. Gabriella wrote that she’ll be in New York in May and for this very moment it’s probably the only way our Travelling Box of Perfume could return to the Old Continent. If any of you comes up with a brilliant solution please make sure to share. For now we have to brainstorm and decide what to do. If we go with Gabriella offer we also have to make up our minds if we start earlier and let the box rest at someone’s house for longer or if we shall start in 2019.

Because some of you expressed interest in sharing wishes regarding what you’d like to find inside our box, this post shall be your wishing well. Every participant can publish 1 list of things they’d like to try. But please keep it short! No lengthy elaborates, ok? The box most of all should be a surprise for each and every one of us. Let’s say 5 things is a maximum number of things you can put on your wishlist. And don’t tell others you can realize their wish – let them find out when the box is with them.

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