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Weekend talk – transition perfumes

On previous weekend I was almost melting because it was so hot here. Today I am enjoying the mild 22C and the clouds rolling in the sky. The change in the weather is obvious and as I travel between PoznaƄ and my home town I can clearly notice how much faster it gets dark, week after week. When I wake up in the morning it’s not that warm anymore and evenings get more chilly too. On those two moments during the day I can slowly notice the smell of autumn that starts to linger in the air. I still haven’t had my summer vacation and I’m going to go somewhere in September. No fancy trips to Italy this year, gotta get some rest locally this time. Especially that the situation related to covid starts to get worse again in those popular holiday destinations like Spain or Croatia.

The thought of autumn getting closer lead me to thinking if you have, or at least know, any perfume that could be referred to as a “transition fragrance”. A scent that doesn’t fit one specific season but feels like a perfect choice when the weather starts to change. For some reason I think of mimosa as one of those transition notes. There’s even an old Polish song with lyrics saying that “the Autumn starts with mimosas” (though I doubt the accuracy of this information – mimosa in France starts to bloom around February). Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom is a great example of a transition perfume in my book. Floral & lightly spicy.

Fugit Amor, a perfume from Jul et Mad range is another one that fits the bill. My skin makes this fragrance smell very clean, almost like a barbershop soap. But in fact it’s a resinous composition with a strong ginger accent and a glorious carnation in the heart. Thanks to woody and ambery notes in the base it emanates with inner warmth. It was one of those cases when I have falled for the perfume and quickly bought it to add to my wardrobe. You might see in the photo that the flacon is nearly empty. I really would love to hear from you on this topic – what fragrances do you wear in between the seasons and why? Not necessarily just on the edge of summer & autumn.

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Birthday Perfume… but it’s 3 months later

When I turned 30 at the end of February nobody was really talking openly about some virus spreading all over the world. Yes, you could hear about happenings in Wuhan but everyone’s thoughts were like… “China? That’s so far away, we’re safe”. To celebrate my 30th birthday I wanted to treat myself to some special perfume but I just couldn’t make a decision between the contender fragrances. And then Covid-19 happened in Europe, arriving in Italy and reaching Poland soon after. My mind was occupied by other, more important things, and I kind of forgot about that gift to myself.


Things slowly begin to look brighter here, the personal restrictions are being reduced so that we can move and go outside more freely (although I think that face mask will be obligatory for quite some more time). The economy is also being gradually restored, some shops and galleries are running again since mid May and hairdressers & beauticians are back in business since this Monday.

Few weeks ago I found a bottle of Love Mimosa from Amouage at a really great price. This perfume wasn’t even in top 5 on my list but I was like “is this is? Is it going to be my forgotten birthday perfume?” I don’t need 100 ml of any perfume so I contacted my two perfume sibilings – Undina and Hajusuuri, who also like this scent and we decided to share the bottle. Their decants have been posted today and I hope they will bring them joy very soon. As for me, I’m still not 100% convinced if this is my bday perfume or not. I’m itching to buy something new, you know…

PS. I got some new interesting fragrances to try this week, so a new review is coming really soon!

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