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Indian wedding, Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola

In the growing world of niche perfumery there are a couple of brands that I will always support, no matter how often or seldom they’d present a new fragrance. It is due to their creativity, care for details and amazing work they do to offer the best scented experience to their fans & perfume lovers in general. Neela Vermeire Creations is one of those brands for me and hearing that Neela will introduce a new composition at Esxence made me super excited.

This new perfume follows the concept of evoking the historical & cultural spirit of India and has been given a name Pichola, after Lake Pichola located in state of Rajasthan in the city of Udaipur. On my skin it reveals its presence with big, bold and beautiful floral bouquet that features thousands of tuberose flowers. I often have problems in liking tuberose but Neela and Bertrand Duchaufour, perfumer behind Pichola, they used tuberose absolute which doesn’t have so much indolic molecules in it. It’s pretty as it is.

After a couple of minutes tuberose accord in Pichola starts to change. At first it becomes kind of fresh and really lush when jasmine sambac joins the composition enhancing the magnificent qualities of flowery tons that opened Pichola. Then a beautiful thing happens and all of these flowers become more and more buttery on my skin. It’s like they were melting, covering my skin with this divine and appetizing aroma that makes me swoon. A little bit more time further and I start to smell creamy ylang-ylang that on my skin evokes a coconut milk smell. So delicious!

The longer I have Pichola on my skin the better it becomes. Since the moment I could smell this warm and buttery texture effusing from the surface on my skin, I somehow knew that the composition of this fragrance will remain warm until the very end. And I wasn’t mistaken. After the beautifully floral part there comes a mild spicy facet. There is a very pleasant cardamom note which is enveloped with sensual benzoin accord that is also kind of fluffy if you ask me.

Later on I can detect sweet and spicy elements of cinnamon and just a bit of juniper. Both of these notes add more vibrancy to NVC Pichola and at the same time they compose very well with creamy floral tuberose-jasmine duet that is still strong and present. As the time passes the composition becomes more substantial and it gains some weight (but never becomes too heavy!) I smell woody vetiver with a little suggestion of earthy undertones and there is this fantastic sandalwood which is like a signature of all fragrances in Neela Vermeire Creations range. It has a creamy, smooth and addictive aroma. Solid and woody, yet soft and plushy.

Beautiful scent coming from sandalwood nicely combines with other notes that appeared so far and entwines especially well with white floral part of the composition. As the time passes Pichola loses just a little bit of power and it starts to smell of soft, silky rose (very different from Mohur) and of saffron. These two notes combined together often give a lush, jammy structure but I don’t observe it here. I can smell a pleasant sweetness though. It’s more like a jasmine-tuberose confiture.

In the drydown phase of Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations I can notice the brightness of orange blossom (which is slightly soapy) and there is also a transparent smell of magnolia. In my opinion it nicely corresponds with ever-present milky smell of white flowers in this fragrance. There’s also a bit of neroli, clementine and bergamot forming a calm offset somewhere far away from the foreground.

All in all Pichola is an excellent, multi-faceted perfume that keeps on changing over the course of the day allowing the wearer to enjoy many different stages and notes. It’s beautifully crafted and all the changes are seamless and smooth. It’s obvious to me that this new creation is an integral part of NVC range and matches the aesthetics of the collection perfectly. It’s a modern perfume representing the ageless beauty of Lake Pichola and entire India.

Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations appears on the market in eau de parfum concentration, packaged in NVC signature 60 ml bottle designed by Pierre Dinand. It has big sillage at the begining and it becomes moderate after some time. In my case Pichola never turned into a skin scent. Just like all previous creations from this house, this new addition has a perfect lasting power of 8 hours minimum. Fans of Neela Vermeire should give Pichola a go!

[note] photo 1 from press, photo 2 from beautyunearthly, photo 3 is my own

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