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Weekend Poll – Vacation Perfume Packing


I think current week is beating the record of being one of the hottest this summer. There was only one week in June when termometer bar was showing a whopping 38°C. The season in Poland was extremely dry & hotter than usual. Fruit, veggies and cereal products got more expensive due to drying or withering crops. This week though is more violent and unpredictable, with short but intense storms. Increased humidity doesn’t make life easier when it’s so hot so I felt unable to wear anything else than light and refreshing citrus. Sotd included Eau de Neroli Dore, Komorebi, Infusion de Mandarine, Clementine California, and Boy so far.

Speaking of perfume, the date of my vacation trip is fast approaching & I already started preparing some things for my voyage. Of course holiday is a break from everything – work, everyday problems, a bit of an escape from tech world. But it’s not a break from wearing perfume. I just can’t imagine not wearing any fragrance at all at that time (unless I was at the seaside, swimming and sunbathing all day long). My Alpine trip will last 10 days, how many fragrances would you pack for this kind of vacation? I was actually thinking of 10, possibly less but definitely not more. What say you?

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Weekend Poll – A Pleasant Surprise

This morning I woke up to gentle knocks on my bedroom window. As droplets of the water were hitting the windowsill and the glass they were making this tiny little sound. A sound quite familar but not heard for a very long time. For the first time in months we had a proper rain. Not a delicate shower but a true rainfall that even had some sound effects later on. It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to a rainy weather outside. As weird as it may sound we desperately need rain. Without snow in the winter and with no rain in the springtime there’s not much fruit available now, it’s expensive, plants are drying and crops are not as efficient as they should. I hope for more rain.


Life can pleasantly surprise us in many different situations and such surprises are not a stranger in the perfume world as well. When was the last time you read or heard about a fragrance, then you got a sample (or bottle) and after smelling it you thought that there’s no way it would be a good choice for a specific weather or occassion? But you gave it a try anyway and it turned out to be a fantastic choice that you absolutely didn’t expect to work. For me such a perfume was for example Jacques Fath Rosso Epicureo – a big bouquet of white flowers that I decided to try on a hot summer day. I was ready to wash it off any time as I was afraid it would suffocate me but it worked just fine.

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