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White as snow, Prada Infusion d’Amande

Over the years of writing Chemist in the Bottle it’s become an unspoken tradition that in early days of January I write about one of fragrances by Prada as my first review of the year. Just like each new year provides a fresh start to all of us I use this opportunity to remind myself that it was Prada, more precisely Amber Pour Homme that gave me a start to what began as a hobby and now became the biggest passion of my life – perfume. It’s also a good way to introduce you to yet another creation from this fashion house. It’s even easier to do if a fragrance itself suits the moment perfectly.

Infusion d’Amande opens lazily like a first morning stretch. At first there is a gentle whisper of quiet iris. It’s aroma – powdery, silky and minimally floral spreads around the wearer like a mist of scented goodness. It’s ethereal like an unearthly phenomenon, you can see it, smell it, but you can’t touch it. A little bit later the perfume becomes even more powdery, like a talcum & because of that it reminds me of a fresh snow that hugs everything around with a fluffy coat. It’s beautiful and very easy to admire because of the beautiful transparency and clarity. This perfume gives me a peace of mind.

After a while a bitter almond note comes to the front of Prada Infusion d’Amande. Despite the fact that it has a word ‘bitter’ in its name I find it to be quite sweet and typical in its almondy scent. However things change further into fragrance development. The accord of almond becomes creamier, smoother to the point that it starts to resemble a milky note. I actually like it that way as it tried to veer towards gourmand direction but it’s not quite there yet. The sleek surface of Infusion d’Amande is like a fabrics that allows the light to play nicely on it, drawing out its luminosity.


Generally speaking we’re dealing here with a lighter type of fragrance. The beauty such as Infusion d’Amande wouldn’t have been so beautiful if it was heavier or stronger. Less is more is the key motto to all Infusion fragrances from Prada. That said Infusion d’Amande refuses to dissipate into the void too early. It gains more character over time as it reveals a flower milk note of heliotrope. This particular chord adds a bit more powderness to the scent. Thanks to it the perfume becomes richer without putting on more weight. Just like the snow that doesn’t weight much despite thick layer.

As hours pass Infusion d’Amande becomes more pale & delicate but it’s yet to fully develop. The creaminess transforms into one that fits the usual fragrance of tonka bean. It’s fluffy and flavored with vanilla yet at the same time there’s something slightly balsamic and spicy about it. Final surprise of the perfume is the essence of star anise that reveals late in the fragrance development. It tingles underneath a powdery-creamy layer, muted by these ingredients. Instead of being straightforward it’s more like a hum, covered by a soft quilt of clean and sensual musk. It’s a caressing perfume.

When I first tried Prada Infusion d’Amande I thought that it’s more of a cold perfume but as I wore it more I realized that it’s quite warm in fact and that it compliments a Winter weather in a nice way. If you tried it you might’ve also recognized the same thing – in the core of this fragrance is Infusion d’Iris that has ben enlaced with almond, heliotrope, tonka – the ingredients that made it into Infusion d’Amande. Perfumer Daniela Andrier (Givaudan) made another fantastic scent for Prada and it’s another proof of the fact that you can make a complex perfume using not so many materials. The perfume has a small sillage that stays close to the skin and it lasts for most of the day.

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Under the weather

After a lovely and quite warm week (18ºC in October is warm!) the weekend arrived and so did the rain. I originally planned to write something more interesting, not a review but something as elaborate. But I feel under the weather and the rain has disturbed my plans. I’m sorry for that. Instead I decided to share with you a photo I took this morning, of my Prada Purple Rain by the window covered with raindrops. I also received 5 perfume packages this week, so at least there’s something to look forward to once I snap out of it. Already tried 2 fragrances & both were nice. Talk to you very soon. I promise.

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