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All I want for Christmas is… having a choice

Le Labo newsletter came in the mail the other day & as I tend to not read the pre-Christmas flood of e-commerce this time I read it. You see, for me Le Labo is one of those brands that I quite like and I could sport a couple fragrances from their range on a daily basis (I’m talking about you – Iris 39) but I’m just not willing to pay a hyped price the brand is asking for their perfume, even if a great one. Even the fact that Le Labo now has a scent corner in Warsaw at Galilu boutique doesn’t help.


However if your mindset is different than mine here’s something that might interest you. A new discovery set from Le Labo. What is it? A set of 4 samples, but each of them is 5 ml instead of usual 1.5 ml. But here’s the catch – you don’t have a choice! The brand chose their four bestsellers: Bergamote 22, Rose 31, Santal 33 and Thé Noir 29. The idea of having a bit more before commiting to a bottle is great but without a choice a purpose seems lost. At least my money is safe.

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Weekend Poll – Getting ready for Christmas


Please pardon my silence for the last few days. The truth is that since Thursday this week I’m on my annual Christmas break, meaning I won’t have to go to work until first days of 2019. I came back home early so that I could help my mom with the shopping madness in shops before Holidays and also to provide an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. So I’ve been a bit busy with that, plus to be honest with you I have no exciting perfume I should share with you. The end of year has been a bit idle in terms of new releases. But enough about that. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Here’s a question for this weekend – do you think you’ll find something perfume-related under your Christmas tree? Or perhaps you’ve been so good this year that you decided to treat yourself to a new bottle? Please do share and feel free to let everyone else know what’s your dream perfume gift? I don’t expect a perfume under the tree because Santa (a.k.a my parents) thinks my taste is too high-end and that I only I should buy perfume for myself. I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought something – I feel like I’m getting more and more picky. At the same time less things really draw my attention. Were I to choose a dream perfume, it would be Masque L’Attesa or Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver.

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