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Weekend Poll – Getting ready for Christmas


Please pardon my silence for the last few days. The truth is that since Thursday this week I’m on my annual Christmas break, meaning I won’t have to go to work until first days of 2019. I came back home early so that I could help my mom with the shopping madness in shops before Holidays and also to provide an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. So I’ve been a bit busy with that, plus to be honest with you I have no exciting perfume I should share with you. The end of year has been a bit idle in terms of new releases. But enough about that. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Here’s a question for this weekend – do you think you’ll find something perfume-related under your Christmas tree? Or perhaps you’ve been so good this year that you decided to treat yourself to a new bottle? Please do share and feel free to let everyone else know what’s your dream perfume gift? I don’t expect a perfume under the tree because Santa (a.k.a my parents) thinks my taste is too high-end and that I only I should buy perfume for myself. I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought something – I feel like I’m getting more and more picky. At the same time less things really draw my attention. Were I to choose a dream perfume, it would be Masque L’Attesa or Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver.

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All I want for Christmas is… a candle… and a mug

Let’s say that snow fairies waved their magic wands and you have extra 75 € to spend on Christmas presents. I bet there are tens of better things you could buy for that money but if you felt extra generous and wanted to treat yourself to something nice and fragrant you might want to have a look at candle in a mug range from Memo Paris. What is this? Well… it’s a candle… in a mug. Duh!


Burn a candle to spread a charming scent at home and once it’s gone you still get to enjoy a fine chinese porcelain mug. According to their website, each candle explores a single note taken out of their fragrances. You get to choose from cedar, caramel, incense, tuberose, grapefruit, amber, mint, coriander and jasmine. Each candle variant is matched with different motive on the mug.

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