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Between words, fantasy and reality


September came and along with its arrival the heat that was invading Poland finally gave up. This week the temperature was oscillating between 19 and 24°C which feels lovely before the time when the real Autumn kicks in. There’s only 1 week before my holidays so packing preparations have already started for me. I’m looking forward to taking a break from all daily routines.  But summer wasn’t so bad. At my own pace I read two great books: “Queen of Air and Darkness. The Dark Artifices – Book Three” by Cassandra Clare and “Summoner. The Outcast” by Taran Matharu. Both were continued stories and both took me to the world of magic and fast-paced action full of surprises and plot twists. How about you? Did you read something interesting this summer? Maybe you can recommend something for my trip.

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Weekend scent-reads

I wish I could call myself a bookworm but I can’t. It’s not that I have issues with reading them, it’s just difficult for me to find one that I’ll find interesting. But maybe I’m not as bad since this year I already read more than average person in Poland (our average is shameful 1 book) As I said some time ago in my review of Grimoire, books about magic and adventure are my favorite ones. My latest reads include A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I got it from Dad for my birthday and its imaginary world has drawn me in. As soon as I finished I bought a 2nd book in the series, A Court of Mist and Fury. which was even more engaging. Lately a 3rd tome titled A Court of Wings and Ruin was launched but It’ll be over 6 months until it’s translated to Polish. I feel mildly tempted to not wait and try getting the English version, I think I would be fine with that.


But moving to the main topic. I have never read a perfume book, one of those specialty ones written by experts, journalists or people who work in the industry for ages. They are expensive, hard to find in my country and nobody cares to translate them since audience interested in such literature is quite limited. But I don’t mind. Online articles, other blogs and websites are quite rich in information about all things fragrant. But sometimes you just want to hear a paper rustling as you turn the page. Do you know that feeling?

This weekend I’m going to continue to dig through a 3rd issue of NEZ – the olfactory magazine. And I highly recommend reaching out to find one. Sure it’s not a book but in a form of a magazine it’s much more approachable. The articles have wit, temperament, some even carry a part of writer’s personality. It’s very well made, starting from the quality of paper and finishing on the graphic aspect. Issue 3 (first available in both French and English, issues 1-2 were only printed in French) covers a wide topic of sex of scent. The texts are so interesting that I had to slow down to not read everything over 1 weekend. Have you read any perfume related books? Would you recommend any of them?

[note] photo – my own; all rights reserved

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