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Beach & Romance, Carner Barcelona Latin Lover

Of course spring has only just sprang but it shouldn’t stop your imagination to do a little fast forward to summer. Envision a hot sand under your feet, gentle sounds of the sea and a floral scent of sunscreen. For many it would be a carefree time and some wouldn’t even say no to a summer fling. Sunny days, bare skin, parties and cocktails. When you think of a latin lover most would probably see a handsome, muscular guy with great tan. What if Latin Lover was a perfume? Here’s the idea of how it could smell like, as imagined by Carner Barcelona. You’ll easily fall for this lover!

Latin Lover begins in a fresh way with a brisk breath of bergamot. It’s more aromatic rind than juicy pulp but it still is an energetic shot that provides a lively opening to the scent. In the background there’s something slightly herbaceous & leafy about this note. After a couple of minutes the perfume becomes significantly warmer and sensual as it develops a floral facet. Ylang-ylang (from Moheli Island, one of Comoro Islands) makes Latin Lover smell incredibly creamy and rich. It’s like condensed milk but with that tropical, heady floral sensation rather than with a gourmand sweetness.

This gorgeous ylang-ylang scent of Latin Lover lingers on my skin for a nice amount of time, its floral tones mingle like reflections of the sun on the surface of the sea. Personally I find this part very tranquil and comforting. It has a lovely suntan lotion vibe but I wish sun care products smelled like this Carner Barcelona fragrance. After some time ylang is not that dominant anymore, making room for more silky-smooth kind of floralties. Slightly watery, slightly waxy and very delicate – magnolia flowers (from China) compliment the undeniable Mediterranean charm Latin Lover spreads so far.


Heart of this composition which is even more floral, has an interesting perception twist to it. On my skin Carner Barcelona Latin Lover evolves into some sort of a special floral jungle. And by jungle I don’t mean a lush green landscape with palm trees or vines. It’s just that these floral notes that appear later feel very steamy – they’re intensely scented but the air that spreads the smell seems very humid. For example jasmine, it has a very summer and bright scent without hint of indolic molecules. Narcissus absolute adds a sweet yellow floral vibe, very sunny and warm one.

The brand lists more floral notes for Latin Lover, such as violet and lily of the valley, but in this “tropical” flower paradise I didn’t notice any watery-green crispiness, powdery notes or fresh white blossoms that would indicate the presence of any of the two. Some hours later the perfume becomes more of a soft oriental. There’s a gooey, balsamic benzoin that underlines the solar radiance of the scent. Patchouli together with white musk brings back the impression of a sunblocker product but this time in a slightly more dirty way, a way of carnal things and seduction. It’s a floral temptation.

Latin Lover from Carner Barcelona is a great fragrance which seems ideal for summer. Its tropical flower bouquet would be a perfect choice if you’re spending your vacation on exploring big cities (Barcelona maybe?) or if you want to take a break from sunbathing and you decide to go on a stroll along a promenade. Latin Lover was introduced in 2017 as a part of Floral Collection and was created by perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. This eau de parfum has a lovely sillage and great longevity. Latin Lover is available in 50 ml and 100 ml flacons. Are you ready for this summer fling?

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Flourishing mystery, Le Galion L’Âme Perdue

I reviewed many different perfume in the past. Some were inspired by various places or landscapes. Others workes as a time capsule – they were meant to evoke a specific moment from the past. There are also perfume inspired by people, their good or bad fame. There is also a category of perfume that take inspiration from ingredients and nothing else. They are ode to rose, vetiver or pepper. And finally there are fragrances simply come from vivid imagination. They smell of flowers, places that only exist in the head of inspired one. But that doesn’t mean they can’t exist for real. Such is the case of a newest Le Galion perfume, a tribute to an imaginary flower.

My first experience with L’Âme Perdue brings forward a delicious tang of a citrus blend. I can’t smell much juiciness but there’s a lovely aromatic peel going on here. Lemon peel is more zesty & sour while mandarin peel is milder and tad more sweet. They are followed by some spicy elements that start to appear few minutes later. Cardamom adds almost nutty facet while at the same time cardamom gives the perfume some crispness. Couple more minutes pass before L’Âme Perdue will develop further into a white pepper note which I find particularly interesting.


White pepper is in my opinion a unique one among other species of pepper because in a perfume it smells much less pungent, its spiciness is very toned down and has no metallic effect. It also has many floral tones that make it rounder. Its floral aspect in L’Âme Perdue transitions to datura that puts a creamy veil on top. Going further the perfume releases an elegant cloud of jasmine. There are 2 kinds actually – Egyptian and sambac one. They are not overly jasmin-ey – they possess a white flower trademark but no indolic elements. There’s more glamour and modesty to it.

Afterwards I could smell broom that introduces an old-fashioned dustiness to the complex structure of Le Galion L’Âme Perdue. There’s something slightly woody about it. To me it brings a picture of flowers mixed with some twigs. I didn’t smell rose that the brand listed on their website. Immediately after the jasmine part the perfume began to saturate on my skin, it was becoming more sultry through ylang-ylang. Its scent brough facets of something creamy, buttery, tropical. It spreads the aura of seduction and temptation. What I also notice is that a temperature of this perfume is rising.

L’Âme Perdue heats up because of the spicy notes hiding in its heart. Clove add this warm, slightly sugary spiciness while cinnamon makes it more vibrant, shimmering. There’s also an accord of lily that’s responsible for creating a more powdery vibe in this stage. At some point a candied fruitiness of plum appears and it instantly softens the scent. It’s also slightly smoked. Base of this perfume is going to hug you & embrace you like the softest plush blanket. Tenderness of amber make L’Âme Perdue very luminous and bright. Its radiant nature is a kaleidoscope of multiple rays of light.


Benzoin from Sumatra introduces an element of fluidity to the newest Le Galion release. It’s resinous and balmy aroma enriches the perfume and gives it more intensity. It has a synergy with peru balsam. Later on honey appears as a layer of liquid gold. It blends sweetness with carnal desire in perfect proportions that are additionally accentuated with earthy patchouli. In the very end a sensual floral woodiness of rosewood provides a background to vanilla notes from Madagascar and Mexico. Oakmoss is the last ingredient that gives a dusty yet sophisticated finish to the scent.

L’Âme Perdue from Le Galion has an undeniable retro vibe. It feels stylish in an old-fashioned way and that fact puts it in the same category as Puredistance Warszawa I reviewed a while back. In case of L’Âme Perdue its complexity and olfactory profile kind of make me think of this perfume as something fitting for a ballroom gown with multiple layers of material. It feels very feminine but instead of overflowing with it, it’s more subtle femininity. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux is a creator of this perfume and he did very well with this beauty. L’Âme Perdue has great longevity and rather low sillage. It’s eau de parfum concentrated and is available only in 100 ml bottles for now.

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