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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 32

After a bit of a break I’m back to bring you some mini reviews

Miller et Bertaux launched In, in 2013. This composition opens with rich and dense aroma of elemi. Resinous and balsamic initial phase gains some salty and woody facets as the fragrance keeps developing on skin. At some point this rather dark and heavy opening gets enlightened by ambery notes. Amber chord in In, is a light, luminous version of itself. It also introduces a decent portion of light that “pierces” through the darkness of elemi. As the time goes by the composition becomes more dry and veers towards woody notes. There is some fizzy ginger combined with bergamot and lime after which comes the aromatic drydown consisting of cedarwood and some musky notes that have some filthy vibe to them. In, is not a bad fragrance – it’s just not for me.

Last year Byredo introduced Rose of No Man’s Land. Considering the fact that they make quite a lot of perfumes lately I wasn’t very keen on trying this but I finally gave in. This new offering is pretty – that’s basically all I have to say. It’s a bright rose fragrance made of hundreds of petals in saturated red color. It’s floral all the way, almost like a soliflore because other notes such as raspberry blossoms or pink pepper make it more sweeter and more girly with a gentle touch of soft spiciness placed in the background. There is also some amber and papyrus that give it a slightly woody vibe and at least in my case I smell something kind of medicinal in the base. Rose of No Man’s Land is a very girly scent but you’d expect something more complex.

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a late 2015 release from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. This perfume starts with a rich note described as amberwood. Indeed it smells woody but also has some resinous and kind of sappy facets that become more defined after 20 or so minutes. Then there is fir resin which is so nice, aromatic and green that it almost transports you to the depths of evergreen forests. The smell is warm, woody, slightly pine-y and at the same time very comforting. Addition of saffron brings in the creamy and delicious spiciness that nicely surrounds the other accords that kind of immerse in the saffron aroma. Jasmine here smells more clean and fresh, providing a nice twist to this fragrance dominated by woody and aromatic tones.

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