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Winter Holiday shopping guide – scented candles

Some time ago,in early November when I wrote my very first post about perfumed candles, Hajusuuri wrote a comment in which she said that she’s not a candle user but she likes to give candles as gifts to her friends. As the Christmas season is approaching I remembered her words and inspired by them I decided to make this little guide on candles that could make for a lovely present.

Let’s start with Diptyque. For the Christmas of 2013 they prepeared three limited edition candles. They seem to be quite different but I have a feeling that they nicely correspond with each other.

  • Orange Chai is a candle in orange glass jar. It’s created with accords of sweet orange, quince and Indian spices. The brand says it’s “mellow but not sweet.” I think that the scent of this candle could be associated with busy Christmas kitchen, fruit punch or compot.
  • Pine Bark hosts in the green glass jar that has a gold-ish reflecton. This one contains notes of pine, cedar and hinoki – that is Japanese cypress. “A clean, woody, smoky fragrance” says Diptyque. It seems to be that this one is the roughest one in the family.
  • Indian Incense candle resides in purple jar (with orange-ish reflections). Essences that create it are rose, carnation, incense and myrrh. I suppose that Indian Incense would give the richest aroma and the most enveloping and tender one. Don’t you think it would fill the house with Christmas happiness? To me it sounds like a winner if I were to chose 1 out of 3.

These 3 candles are available in 2 different sizes. Mini candle is 70 grams with a 30 hours burn time ($32). The bigger one is 190 grams (60h burn-time, $68) Candles available at: Diptyque, Luckyscent, Beautyhabit, Saks, Nordstrom, Barneys, Aedes (scroll to page 6&7), First in Fragrance.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if Charles Dickens didn’t write A Christmas Carol that was published in 1843. I think it’s probably one of the most widely known novels that relate to the Winter Holiday period. I think that every one of us has heard the story of Ebenezer Scrooge at least once in their life. A story about developing warm and caring heart.

Anais Biguine of Jardins d’Ecrivains knows the true power of a good book. So she took Dickens and “turned him into a candle” I could joke (did anybody laugh?) Dickens the candle is a limited edition for Christmas. It comes in a huge 500 grams size, in a briwnish glass jar reminiscent of old apothecary vials and flasks. The label is black with gold lettering. Notes that create Dickens are spices, mandarine and oud. The blend sounds quite promising and might smell of mandarines decorated with cloves, cinnamon sticks. Would love to know how it smells like, how about you?

For this big piece of candle you will pay $95 at Beautyhabit, Twisted Lily, Bloom, Parfumaria, Jovoy

I couldn’t forget about the candles from one of my top brands, Atelier Cologne that is. Matching candles for two newest releases, Silver Iris and Gold Leather, both from newborn Collection Metal, are now available at Atelier Cologne website. The brand is really good at translating the smell of perfume into the aroma of a candle. I’m a happy owner of Gold Leather candle and it truly reminds me of the perfume. I get a lot of orange and rum from it and when it starts to melt and effuse the aroma, more of the spicy and leathery elements come out.

Both these candles come in a weight of 190 grams and the glass that contains the candle is covered with genuine precious metals, just like the perfume bottles of Gold Leather and Silver Iris. How about the price? The candle itself is an expense of $65, however there’s also an option that costs $95 and this one is a candle plus a glass cloche, a glass bulb that can be seen in the pictures above.

Available at the following stores: Beautyhabit (Silver Iris only), Selfridges (Silver Iris only)

The iconic Rose 31 perfume from Le Labo has been recently taken into the aromatic workshop. Six ingredients were taken out of it and in result we get Rose 31 little brother, a candle named Rose 25. I have no idea how it smells but I suppose it can quite well correspond to the sprayable fragrance. Rose 25 candle is exclusive to Opening Ceremony boutiques and their e-shop, it is available in 5 differect color themes, personally I think that grey and purple jars look nicest. This candle costs $80.

Cloon Keen Atelier has an interesting candle named Christmas Pomander in their offer. It features notes of orange, clove, beeswax, vanilla and cinnamon – everything that makes us think of Winter Holiday season, Christmas preparations in the kitchen etc. Mass of the candle is 300 grams and produces claims it will burn for 60-70 hours. Christmas Pomander comes in a stylish jar made of glass and if my eyes are not deceiving me, the inner walls are covered with silver (real or lacquered, I don’t know) The cost is 32,95€ ($45), candle available at Cloon Keen Atelier, Les Senteurs,

[note] I’m not affiliated with any of mentioned brands or stockists. Links to their shops were put to allow you make a purchase without searching if something happened to be to your liking.

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