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Up, up and away


Dear friends, with this short note I’d like to let you know that tomorrow I’m leaving for my long-awaited summer holidays. When everyone around was enjoying their time off, I was still focusing on my work. I’m very happy that the date of my departure is so close – I think I deserve a break. Due to mild summer in Poland I could review so many new fragrances for you that I feel proud of myself.

My travel destination is once again Italy but I’ll be seeing different places than last year. I can’t stand vacationing in just one spot, so my voyage will include some movement around the map. There will be time for sightseeing (Milan, Genoa, Pisa) as well as some time for just lazing away (Lake Como). I’m taking with me 7 small perfume samples, that’s enough. I will spend 3 final days of my trip in Florence, having enough opportunities to get drunk on perfume thanks to Pitti Fragranze. On Instagram you can follow different stages of my holidays. See you again after September 12.

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Chemist in the Bottle summer break 2013

Dear friends of mine and Chemist in the Bottle. Here came the time of the year when I’m going to leave this blog alone for a while. My parents and I are going on a summer holiday to Hungary this year. We’ll be spending time at the Balaton coast, enjoying sun, water and sightseeing. Family vacations is for me a time to recharge and take a break from all electronic devices.

I’ll be out between August 10th and August 21st. I know you might miss me and I know I will miss you too. I’m wishing you a great time when I’m absent from blogging. When I get back I will need a day or two to do the laundry, shopping etc, but I promise to get back to you as soon as I can. I believe it’ll be worth the wait as I might get some new ideas, or samples to review waiting in my mailbox when I return. Chemist in the Bottle summer break 2013 starts now! Take care! xoxo

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