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6 Perfume Ideas for Christmas Festivities

tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock goes the clock, counting down the days until Christmas. There are only 9 days of Advent before the festive time is here, so if you haven’t yet met Santa to tell him what presents your family and relatives would like to find under the tree, this is almost your last chance to do it before it’s too late. As for myself I already completed my Santa quest and together with my Dad we’ve found a perfect spruce on Saturday. We plan to dress it in lights & ornaments next weekend probably. I don’t feel the atmosphere of Christmas yet but it will come to me eventually. It has to.

Christmas time is always filled with positive feelings, with good smiles and kindness. Everyone and everything seems to have that inner shine that we often don’t have on a day-to-day basis. Things look a bit prettier and even strangers seem more friendly. For me this is also the time to unwind and relax. For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you probably put on some special clothes to be dressed more festive & elegant. And since for us perfume is an essential element of our outfit, you probably already started deliberating what perfume to wear on that special occasion.

Here are a few ideas of fragrances that I would wear to celebrate Christmas festivities.


Guerlain Iris Ganache – For me iris is not only a favorite note but in my opinion it is also one of the most elegant smells in perfumery, which makes it suitable for many different celebrations. In case of Iris Ganache you have a richness of a white chocolate served in a mousse-light form. It it surrounded by a buttery texture of iris that goes more powdery later on. Topped with a bit of zest and sprinkled with cinnamon for a delicious feeling on your skin. This perfume melts with your body, leaving a transparent vanillic-ambery veil to enjoy on that special evening. It’s a very smart gourmand.

Tauer Phi Une Rose de Kandahar – A list like this wouldn’t feel complete if there wasn’t at least one rose perfume among my suggestions. Fruity opening with a gorgeous apricot accord leads to the heart where roses, geranium and bitter almond meet. The result is an incredibly rich, yet not overpowering fragrant blend. Phi feels plush, velvety and uber luxurious and the smell of tobacco leaf makes this perfume stand out even more in the crowd. As hours pass tonka, vanilla and musk form a silky cocoon around your body. With Phi you’ll be the best smelling one at midnight mass.

Aedes Cierge de Lune – Chrismas is the time that brings more light to our life, so why not decide on a perfume that can light up the night. Starting with a shimmering crystal accord that has a slightly mineral scent, after a couple of minutes this perfume starts to reveal a very unusual and intriguing vanilla like I’ve never smelled before. It’s oriental but airy, not sweet but delicious. Surrounded by black and pink pepper, ylang, ambroxan and musk, among others, this perfume is sure to make you feel glamorous and special when you’re with your family, enjoying those days together.

Diptyque Oud Palao – I think that during Christmas there’s no need to hide behind a perfume or limit oneself. Why not go all out? Oud Palao definitely isn’t a quiet fragrance. It’s there to make a statement. With a bold smell of Laotian oud that has a strong, resinous sillage you surely will be noticed. Patchouli, cypriol and labdanum add more personality to the scent with their dark vibe. When frankincense makes Oud Palao slightly smoky, vanilla and rose smooth all the sharp edges making this a super enjoyable fragrance. I especially love it when it’s colder outside.

Atelier des Ors Cuir Sacre – Even though leathery notes can pack a serious punch there are also ways to tone them down and bring up their softness & elegance. To me Cuir Sacre from Atelier des Ors is like that. Initially it’s really powerful, with metallic juniper, spicy cardamom and oily green elements of cypress. Leather with backnote of incense and vetiver is really potent but thanks to saffron it becomes more mellow and eventually it becomes more fuzzy, like a suede. This perfume would be highly recommended to any stylish men who wants to make a good impression.

Puredistance Gold – Complex oriental composition that evokes luxury and refinement is an ideal candidate to put on for a Christmas Eve. Puredistance Gold is a beauty in many ways. Spicy at the beginning with accentuated clove, gradually becoming more balmy and mysterious. Cinnamon gives it a nice twist of a tingly sensation. Myrrh, benzoin and styrax create warmth on the skin. Tonka and vanilla give Gold more depth and they improve its roundness as a whole. Despite many potent essences this perfume is charming and supple. You won’t be disappointed to wear it for Christmas.

If you already decided what perfume are you going to wear for Christmas I’d be delighter to hear about your choices and why did you pick that scent in particular. I’m sure you’ll smell fabulous.

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Tireless and fearless sand dunes wanderer, Tauer No. 02 L’Air du Desert Marocain

Andy Tauer, a self-taught Swiss perfumer (and a chemist!) began his perfume career by creating Tauer Perfumes in 2005. That year he released 2 fragrances, a feminine Le Maroc pour Elle and L’Air du Desert Marocain, a first masculine fragrance in the line. For these days it remains one of the most valued scents in the line. This perfume embodies a man on a lone trip through the hot sand dunes of Maroccan desert. Step by step he continued his journey to the unknown place. His footprints in the sand prove he was there but even these traces will disappear soon.

L’Air du Desert Marocain begins a little bit aldehydic on me. For a first minute or two I get the specific aroma of oily, saturated notes that represent the group of aldehydes in perfumery. This impression doesn’t last long. Very shortly, at the moment of 5 minutes upon application I’m all surrounded by a cloud of aromatic things. First of all there’s caraway – warm like someone put it in the pan and roasted for a couple of minutes to release its aroma.

There’s also something sweaty in this note but this time it is not bothering me at all. In fact I like this stage of Tauer No. 02. Few minutes later I start to smell something more resinous and kind of piney in this caraway chord. The next moment coriander makes its entrance by bringing warm and dry feeling to the perfume. It totally makes me think of a sand that got hot because of the direct sunlight.

Actual amber accord appears now. In my case “now” means 25-30 minutes after spraying. It is a lovely and refined amber. Amber is the treasure of the ocean, right? In L’Air du Desert Marocain it’s rather a treasure of the forest or a desert because it hides an impressive woody element. I can smell a balmy, resinous aroma that is probably sourced from immortelle or some kind of a desert shrub. Some time later the woodsy tones become more pronounced. Cedar wood in this creation is dry and rather raw, with rough edges. After a while it develops slightly salty and animalic smell of a sweating body. I’m not going to rave about the sweaty skin but it feels very suitable for this fragrance.

The impression of woody sweat I got somehow amplified the spicy note of caraway. It makes it return now, slightly stronger than previously and also slightly different in smell than in the initial part of L’Air du Desert Marocain. There’s something in this ingredient now that makes me think of words like “spicy”, “fresh”, “warm”, “embracing”. I find it amusing that a note that I usually don’t like can be so enjoyable to me in this scent.

The woody and delicately rooty-earthy aroma of vetiver reaches my nose after an hour. Once again since it’s a vetiver in more woody aspect I have no reason to moan about Andy using this essence for his perfume creation. At 1,5 hours mark the fragrance got more dusty and I think it is petitgrain that can be found in the notes list. On my skin this note often smells like dusted plant. Couple of hours more and I get the smallest hint of floral quality from jasmine. Not very strong, rather airy, fleeting and hard to materialize among the powerful ambery ingredients.

I like everything about this perfume. I like the name that suits the fragrance incredibly well since the perfume itself actually smells like a hot air somewhere in the middle of the desert in Marocco. The powerful projection is the one to die for, I wish some of my other favorites left such a great aura around me when I wear them. Finally I like the pentagonal bottle made of blue glass.

L’Air du Desert Marocain is a perfume crafted by Andy Tauer himself. This fragrance is an eau de toilette intense and is available in 50ml blue glass pentagonal bottles. A while ago all Tauer fragrances were packaged in metal boxes but there’s a recent change and now they come in rectangular metal cans with a sliding mechanism. This perfume has an intensive projection which gets lower on my skin scarcely after 6 hours while the scents lasts at least twice this time.

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