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Keeping it cool

Here in Poland the weather for the last couple of weeks had a lot to do with mood swings. One day it could be 26°C and the next one it could drop to just 18°C. I really don’t mind this kind of weather. Hot days exhaust me easily so I really don’t mind a cooler day intermission. As far as I can see from your comments or emails many of you suffer from heatwaves, so I thought I will share with you a simple recipe for a drink that should refresh you instantly.


Saying that you should fight fire with fire didn’t come out of nowhere. This rule also applies to this drink because you’re meant to drink it hot. Ingredients you’ll need include a little cinnamon stick, a slice of lemon and a bunch of fresh mint leaves. All you have to do is to put them all together in your favorite mug (or a pot, if you want to make more) and then pour hot water over them. Let it sit for a few minutes. Voila! Enjoy.

My mom prepared me a drink like that last Saturday and it turns out that its pretty similar to a local specialty they tried during their trip to Israel last month. The only thing that my mom skipped was honey which in original recipe was being added at the very end. But of course you could add it as well. I liked it without as I think the addition of honey flavour would be too much. In my opinion freshness of mint, juiciness of lemon and gently tingling spiciess of cinnamon are really well-balanced here. I hope this little tip will help you to cope with high temperatures. If you have other tips like this, do tell! May temperatures be ever in your favor!

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Autumn tranquili-tea

I’ve given you proofs more than once during those 4 years of writing Chemist in the Bottle that I’m a tea person. Tea addict perhaps. I might drink coffee once in a while but it’s never as delightful as a cup of tea and I don’t celebrate that beverage as much as tea. I enjoy having different kinds of tea. Green and white are my favorite, then rooibos & red tea. Black would be my least favorite although it often wins me over the winter as it adds those couple extra stamina points in the morning.

Funnily enough, as much as I love tea, I never really got to like it in my perfume. Not that I haven’t tried. Kilian Imperial Tea, Atelier Cologne Philtre Ceylan didn’t work for me. I quite liked Altaia Yu Son but it was thanks to a lot of orange blossom that suppressed its tea accord. Five O’Clock Au Gingembre from Lutens was great for 1 hour and then started turning weirdly sour.


Lately I seem to be enjoying and appreciating osmanthus more in perfumes that I’m wearing. It’s such an interesting accord. In some perfumes it appears just as itself when it effuses lightly floral and powdery vibe. In other creations it can be present in more fruity way – then it perfectly mimics apricots and their fuzziness. Some other time it can even resemble the aroma of tea.

Is there any tea or osmanthus perfume that you especially like or have in your collection? Or if you’re more into coffee – do you like it as a perfume note?

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