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Februiris – a Month of Irises

Remember how last year in February we all had fun doing a Month of Roses project together? It was such an entertaining activity to follow the calendar and see what perfumes other people were wearing. And it was mostly thanks to you that it worked out because if I were to do it alone I would’ve quickly ran out of possible scents to wear. The idea of a February project is being taken 1 level up by Undina, who decided to pull off a Month of Irises this month! And being an iris devotee I just really wanted to be a co-author and participant of this event. As Hajuusuri wrote in one of her comments, swapping blogs for a day or doing a project like this feels like a family gathering. That’s true!


In case of Februiris (that’s how I’m going to call a Month of Irises) it’s even more fascinating because despite the fact that others might have different perfume preferences than me, it will gather around those who love a common note – in this case iris. Going through comments of other participants there’s always a chance that someone will mention an iris fragrance I’ve never tried or heard before. That’s how lemmings are being born. Since it’s 17th day of February we’re already going through a 3rd week of the project. So if you haven’t yet joined Undina’s initiative I urge you to rush to her blog to see how we did in week 1 and week 2. And do join the fun in week 3. The more the merrier. So far I’m doing well, I wear different fragrance each day but doubt I can do 28 days that way. Even if I use full bottles, decants and samples I don’t have enough. But it’s fun anyway!

[note] picture found via Gardenista

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July statistics – doing it Undina style!

When I got to know Undina and her Looking Glass last year we became friends quite quickly. Our bond was growing as we were visiting each other’s blogs more often. We even found out that both her and mine perfume tastes are very similar, that the same perfume appeal to us. Of course it’s not a 100% match but I would say that we agree in 90% of our choices. Ain’t it a lot?

While reading her blog I quickly stated to admire her work. Not only Undina’s writing is neat, interesting and funny but she also has the ability to track many different information instantly. I love her “laughs, lemmings, loves” posts, she shares there posts from other bloggers. I’ve been included there too! But to me Undina has a master degree in statistics. I was impressed by her monthly summaries, kind of jealous about them. In honour of Undina I decided to do my own statistics.

July was an interesting month for me. I didn’t get accepted for any real chemistry summer internship. Instead I spent a whole week in Warsaw helping in the perfume boutique. Those 7 days gave me a great lesson. I learned a lot there and I believe that writing about this experience in my CV will be helpful for me in applying to a perfumery school. At least I hope it will help, what do you think? Last weeks were really hot, with temperatures rising above 35*C. In this heat I treated myself to swimming and cycling. On most of the days I had to take a shower in the middle of the day which resulted in wearing two perfumes a day really often. Let’s move on to the statistics.

In July I wore* 40 different perfumes on 18 occasions. The most popular occasion (if this can be called one!) was just a daily matter of the scent of the day. There were some other opportunities for a fragrance, like meetings with friends, going out. First statistics I did were to provide the answer to the question: from which countries did my perfume come from.¬†The results show that 50% (20 perfumes) of fragrances I wore in July were from French perfume houses. At 2nd place there’s Italy27% (11) and at 3rd is the USA with a result of 15% (6). Later come UK perfumes – 5% (2) and other countries 3% (1), the latter being namely one Amouage from Oman. I was actually hoping that Italian perfume houses will dominate my July wardrobe but comparing the number of Italian and French perfume houses it was rather hard to avoid scents from France. I’m glad that Italian brands came in as second, I love Italian perfumes!

Then, with a help of perfume genders classification from Fragrantica I wanted to see what was the most popular theme in perfumes I reached for in the month of July. Since most of the contemporary perfumes belong to more than one family I decided to count them more than once, for example if a fragrance was classified as woody chypre I counted that position for both “woody” and “chypre”. I was practically certain that citrus would be the top family I wore last month but the statistics prove I was wrong. The top category in July was floral with 24% (17 perfumes) worn. Next are aromatic/fougere scents which got 18% (13) of my skin time. Then oriental – 15% (11), ex aequo citrus and woody, both 11% (8). Finally chypre with 7% (5). 14% (10) classified as other include perfumes described as green (1), gourmand (1), fruity (3), musk (2), leather (1), aldehyde (1) and spicy (1). Among 40 perfumes I wore in July, the highest amount of them was classified as oriental floral (7) which was a little bit unexpected.

Last chart I created presents the most worn perfume houses in July, and most popular perfumes I used in the month course. A Definite winner is Atelier Cologne that I wore for 4 days with 4 different fragrances. Prada is a runner up. I also spent 4 days wearing Prada but only with 3 fragrances. Next rank belongs to Eau d’Italie and Histoires de Parfums. For both these brands I wore 3 different fragrances over 3 days. The remaining four I placed in this chart – Carthusia, Profvmvm Roma, Le Labo and Guerlain¬†were worn two times last month, with two perfumes each. Everything else got just a single shot in July. Previous month there were only three perfumes I sprayed on more than a day. Prada Amber Pour Homme, Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima and Aedes de Venustas Iris Nazarena –¬†I spent two days with each creation. Not too much. I’ve been perfume promiscuous in July…

I hope your July was fantastic! Did you buy any new perfumes or found some new loves, or lemmings at least? Do report back! And Undina – I hope you’re proud of me!

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