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Rive Sud Interior Via Della Basilica

Before I jumped on the perfume bandwagon I was discovering scents with candles and incense sticks. As far as incense sticks come in different aromas, candles range isn’t so wide. In the past I had some experience with scented candles, those smelling of cinnamon, vanilla, lavender but I never had a chance to try the actual perfumed candle that has a little bit more complexity to it.

Thanks to Rive Sud Interior I got a chance to try the 1st actual perfumed candle in my life. This new brand, Rive Sud Interior is a baby of Christine Bodino, who’s a home designer. She decided to create a company that would specialize in making fine scented candles. I was gifted with a mini version of a candle named Via Della Basilicawhich translates into “Road to Basilica” from Italian.

All fragrance compositions for this brand are made in collaboration with Delphine Thierry, a nose known for Lubin Akkad & Galaad or newest Majda Bekkali scent – Tendre est la Nuit. At the moment of launch there are 4 candles in the online shop: Acqua di Latte, Cap Ferrat les Pins, Via Della Basilica & Rosewood.

So, how does Via Della Basilica smell like? Of course it’s not an actual perfume that you can spray and the aroma is much more subtle, so I won’t be doing an in-depth analysis. I will share the overall impressions. The aroma of the candle became noticeable after 30 minutes since I lit it.

To me it smelled intensively of pepper, black and aromatic with a suble metallic context to it. As the scent was filling my room I started to notice the smokier aspect of incense notes. I found the scent to be meditative and contemplative. As a last element of this candle I could smell myrrh. Balmy, slightly pine-y and with some salty subtleties.

When I look at my little jar of Via Della Basilica and think about the 3 notes it contains: pepper, myrrh and incense I think that it is very simple. But no, there’s something more about it. It smells ascetic to me, making me think of an old church with thick stone walls or some kind of a pent monastery. I very much like this subtle scent even though the notes aren’t my usual cup of tea.

Candles from Rive Sud Interior are available in different sizes. Via Della Basilica and Rosewood come in big 1100 grams jars (250€) while Acqua di Latte and Cap Ferrat les Pins are 220 grams candles, each costs 70€. I have no idea how the other three candles from this line smell like but Rosewood sounds divine to me. Do you like candles or other room scenting products?

Today is the All Saints’ Day. I’m out of town, visiting with my parents the graves of our relatives who passed away. We’re bringing flowers and lights to their places of eternal sleep. We’re also remembering the times when they were still with us (though I never had a chance to meet them.) In memory of my Grandparents and in contemplation of the day, I will light Via Della Basilica in my window this evening, when I get back home.

[note] mini candle of Via Della Basilica was provided to me by Rive Sud Interior. Pictures – my own.

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