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Weekend Poll – What did you test lately?

Hello everyone! Can you believe this is the last weekend in June? Also it’s officially the first day of summer vacation for all the school kids (who have been taking their virtual lessons from home since March anyway). How’s the covid situation in your country? Here in Poland on many occasions it feels as if people completely forgot that something serious was going on not that long ago. And we’re having presidential elections tomorrow. But generally speaking… it’s not the same as it was before when you go out. In my opinion it was still to early to release some of the restrictions.

Moving on to more pleasant topics, let me ask what is the last perfume that you had a chance to try lately? Did you like the fragrance you tested, or did it turn out to be a disappointing scrubber? I am happy to report that yesterday when I came back home I found a sample of Vivacious waiting for me in my mailbox. This is the latest composition from Hiram Green that focuses on violet. You know I love my violets & irises so I had some expectations before trying it, but oh boy, this is so good. Look out for my detailed review that should be ready sometime next week. For now – happy weekend!

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Weekend Poll – Getting ready for Christmas


Please pardon my silence for the last few days. The truth is that since Thursday this week I’m on my annual Christmas break, meaning I won’t have to go to work until first days of 2019. I came back home early so that I could help my mom with the shopping madness in shops before Holidays and also to provide an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. So I’ve been a bit busy with that, plus to be honest with you I have no exciting perfume I should share with you. The end of year has been a bit idle in terms of new releases. But enough about that. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Here’s a question for this weekend – do you think you’ll find something perfume-related under your Christmas tree? Or perhaps you’ve been so good this year that you decided to treat yourself to a new bottle? Please do share and feel free to let everyone else know what’s your dream perfume gift? I don’t expect a perfume under the tree because Santa (a.k.a my parents) thinks my taste is too high-end and that I only I should buy perfume for myself. I honestly don’t remember the last time I bought something – I feel like I’m getting more and more picky. At the same time less things really draw my attention. Were I to choose a dream perfume, it would be Masque L’Attesa or Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver.

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