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And the winner is…

… Alen!

Congratulations! You just won a sample of Puredistance Gold in the giveaway project organized together with Undina, Vanessa and Portia. Looking forward to find out about other winners.


Please drop me an email (please use a blog contact form) with your full postal address and I’ll try to have your sample shipped as soon as possible! We all really hope we’ll help sharing the love for Puredistance with this giveaway. Many thanks to all who participated in this project.

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Lucky 7 – Giveaway Winner


Thank you everyone who participated in my blog anniversary giveaway and of course many thanks to all who stopped by only to congratulate me and to share some words of encouragement for the blogging future and for my personal future as well. All these words mean a whole world to me and I feel lucky to have you all around virtually. Some day we shall meet face to face, laugh & smell perfume together like good old friends would do.

As for the giveaway, this time I decided to pick a winner in an old-fashioned way. Instead of letting random.org or other online tool do the job, I made paper tickets and drew a winner by hand. So… who won? See a little video that I made for you and you’ll find out that the gift goes to MMKinPA! Congrats! I will send you an email to discuss your choices of perfume, tea and chocolate.

Once again a heartfelt thank you to all of you, let’s keep up the positivity and friendly atmosphere for another year. Blogging would’ve been so boring without all of you and your optimistic reactions.

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