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Puredistance Rubikona giveaway – the winners

When a perfume is sparkly like a crystal, multifaceted like a shiny ruby & warm like an embracing touch of satin – it’s bound to be a wonderful composition. Without further ado I am happy to announce that the lucky winners of my part of Puredistance Rubikona samples giveaway are…

[drumroll please] Sylvia and Lynn Watson!

Congratulations to both of you and thank you to other participants and to those who just stopped by to say a couple of kind words about my Rubikona review – I really appreciate that and it makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my impressions. It means a lot to be able to convey some emotions through text and to encourage people to try a perfume that reser.

Sylvia, Lynn – I will get in touch with both of you by email so make sure you check your inbox later in the day and your samples will be soon on their way. I hope you’ll enjoy this fragrance experience.

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2191 Days of Perfume – giveaway winners

It seems like it was too much of me to ask you to come up with perfume riddles and try solving those from other readers. It’s a shame as I really though it was a good idea and that many people will try to get involved… guess I was wrong or the challenge was too difficult. It would be unfair for those who actually participated, therefore allow me to present 3 winners of this 6th anniversary giveaway!

1st place – Hajusuuri, who scored 5 points by making two riddles and guessing one right,
2nd place – Undina, who scored 4 points by making one riddle and guessing two right,
3rd place – Shiva-Woman, who scored 1 point by guessing one riddle correctly.

Please send me emails with your full shipping details and in case of first two rewards make sure to not forget to include your fragrance choices. Thanks for participating and congratulations!

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