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Looking back… then ahead


Yesterday was my last working day in 2019. As I’m writing this post I’m already back with my family, enjoying the atmosphere of a place that I consider as my real home. When I’m at my appartment in Poznań it feels quite different there. The weather is very unlike winter and there’s no holiday mood in the air. No snow, no frost, 10°C during the day. I’m not really thinking about Christmas yet. Instead I’ve been caught by my own thoughts today that make me look back at what happened this year. Overall nothing has changed for me but it feels quite the opposite.

I think there is one particular event that contributes to this feeling I have. Something I never told you openly about. I kept it a secret, wanted to tell you if I had good news to share. But those didn’t come. This year I participated in a full Givaudan Perfumery School recruitment process. It started with an email and a phone call at the end of 2018. Then in January 2019 I flew to Paris to take an olfactive test which consisted of a number of excercises. Next was a long wait as these tests were conducted until the end of March. Finally April came and one day I was informed that I passed the test stage and I was invited to come to Paris again. I went there again in May to join a Recruitment Day.

At the very beginning we were informed that they received 2700 candidate CVs to review and that the very fine recruitment sieve allowed only us to go further. We were “the chosen ones.” Together with 16 other candidates we were challenged with a number of tasks – some were individual while other required working as a team. Within 2 weeks the results were announced. I made it to top 6! In June I travelled to Givaudan for another interview. I thought it went well. Shortly I received a call. I was informed that I was 3rd in their “ranking” but only first two candidates were going to make it to a last interview. My adventure of Perfumery School recruitment ended there – so close, yet so far.

Initially I was sad and angry. Angry at myself and at the whole world. I kept asking myself – could I have done something better? Could I have answered the questions better? But nobody knows the answer to questions like these. All I know is that those 3 trips to Paris were the most exciting thing that happened to me in 2019. I didn’t succeed but I was extremely close. Maybe for someone this will be a proof of what I’m worth? Right now I continue to search for new job opportunities to work on my skills even more. And of course I’m looking forward to the next time I can try joining Perfumery School at Givaudan. Maybe my next attempt will be a lucky one? It’s one of those things that I feel inside my heart that I want to follow. It’s a dream… and I cannot doubt it.

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Busy bee


Dear friends, please excuse my silence for the rest of last week. Turns out that on Monday evening I started developing a cold which completely blocked my nose for the next couple of days. I started feeling better on Thursday, which is usual case for me – after 3 days it’s mostly gone. Right now I’m only left with a bit of a cough which I hope will disappear soon.

First half of the new week will be very busy for me at work. We’ll be having guests from Spain and UK coming over for 2 days for a visit. I need to prepare some stuff before their arrival and then once they’re here we’ll have a lot of things to discuss and a bunch of fragrance samples to smell. It should be interesting & I hope the discussion will be fruitful.

That said, I won’t be able to post anything new until Friday probably. Please bear with me. From the positive news – The Travelling Box of Perfume is with Shiva Woman and will be soon dispatched to Lisa D., so it seems you might be expecting a box update soon. I’m really looking forward to it.

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