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Award-Me, Award-Me-Not

In fragrance industry there are many ways to shed a light on perfume that is considered innovative and groundbreaking. There are FiFi Awards from The Fragrance Foundation, Art & Olfaction Awards held by the Institute of Art & Olfaction or Jasmine Awards established by Fragrance Foundation UK. Now that after years of lurking in the shadows the perfumers can finally stand with pride next to their creations and get well-deserved recognition for ther artistic work, they also earn awards. But did you ever think in what way people who write about perfume are appreciated for their articles?

In over 8 years of my blogging career there were only few times when I thought about awards for perfume writing in general but I quickly discarded the though from my mind. The topic came back to me a few days ago when my friend Elena, also known as The Plum Girl, posted the announcement on Facebook that entries are now being accepted for Perfumed Plume. I got a little bit curious again so I clicked the link to find out more. There was a list of different categories for which you can submit your articles but there was also an information that you must pay for every individual submission.

A 50$ fee for each post that will become a candidate for the award. Is that a lot? Some will probably say it’s not, but for a non-US citizen like me, once I convert dollars into Polish currency it becomes a more serious amount of money. Actually it’s more than I spend on food in 2 weeks. I always considered writing my perfume reviews as some sort of hobby but what can’t be denied is that each article is the investment of a couple of hours from your private time to prepare a good, evocative text & some complimentary images. The time nobody pays you for because blogging is not your job.

A short discussion has happened between Elena and me & I can understand her reasoning. You know how they say you can’t buy time? Those hours spent on polishing each post are priceless, so why wouldn’t you want some sort of recognition among other fragrance writers & journalists, a validation of your talent in form of an award or a statuette to put on your shelf. Yes, it would be nice to have one and I’m sure earning it would be a great way to promote my blog and find new readers. However considering that I’d want to submit more than 1 entry, this is something that I can’t afford.

Perhaps Elena is right, after all she’s won one of those Perfumed Plumes in 2019 and year later she was one of the finalists too. Can you consider paying for the jury’s consideration an investment for the future? Chemist in the Bottle is the entirely free perfume blog. I don’t use ads, my posts aren’t and never will be sponsored by brands because I value freedom of my opinions above anything else. And unlike many other websites I even don’t use those platforms like “buy me a coffee” to support a writer with a small “pocket money” donation. Maybe I should consider joining such site?

Following my question on Twitter someone suggested that starting a fundraiser campaign to gather the sum that would cover the fee cost of those few categories entries could be an option. Maybe yes, maybe not. I don’t know what to think. Would you consider sending a tiny donation to a perfume writer you like (because you like me and this blog, don’t you?) or do you think it’s a complete waste of money to enter such contest, especially that there’s no guarantee that I will get anything out of it? I’d love to know your opinion on this and digest some more food for thought on this polarizing topic.

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Monday Poll – What’s next?


Without Esxence and with absolutely zero samples of any new fragrances to test I’m seriously running out of ideas for writing. But you are my smart and reliable audience so here I am today – asking you about what would you like to read about? All ideas are welcome and hopefuly one of your comments will spark some idea. But for now I’m wishing you a calm and safe week. Hugs, Lucas.

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