Orange emperor, Parfum d’Empire Azemour Les Oranges

Parfum d’Empire is a niche perfume line, established in Paris by a perfumer and jockey Marc-Antoine Corticchiato in 2003. Since the establishment of Parfum d’Empire (Perfume of Empire, Imperial Perfume) 13 perfume have been created, Azemour Les Oranges being the last one in the line as it was launched in 2011. This fragrance is supposed to evoke a timeless elegance in the kingdom of Marocco. Why Marocco? Marc-Antoine Corticchiato was born and raised there, Azemour Les Oranges is a perfume hommage to the land of his childhood. In Azemour the word love, amour hides showing his feelings towards Marocco.

Azemour Les Oranges is an absolutely delicious perfume. It opens up with an intensive, bright and mouthwatering orange note. It smells very genuine, natural, sharing both bitter and sweet tones. It seems like you can find the whole orange here. It’s peel, juice, pulp, everything, even it’s leaves. Moment later it becomes slightly acidic thanks to the juicy lemon. It’s an ode to citrus! The best part begins 10-15 minutes after applying. Why? Because you get the generous dose of oakmoss. Talk to me, that’s the way a fruity, citrus chypre should smell like. It’s divine! Neroli and two more citrus- clementine and grapefruit add a touch of crispyness and continue the acidic, enjoyable vibe.

After the very pretty opening there’s no chance for a fall-down. Azemour Les Oranges keeps it’s wonderful quality. Now it becomes more woody wit the cypress accord and it also gets more spicy. It’s citrus chypre quality is still on top but you can sense coriander and pepper, maybe a tiny hint of rose. There’s also geranium listed in the notes but I don’t get it. I also don’t detect caraway, thank God for that. Believe me or not, but if caraway would be overused I would lose my love for Azemour. Ah, yes, there’s also some orange flower (yay for every possible part of orange!) and hay, maybe, probably not.

Azemour Les Oranges by Parfum d’Empire is a luscious perfume, for me it’s the best one when it comes to orange in perfumery. Wearing it you can experience an imaginary journey to the land of Marocco. Quality of materials used to create Azemour is outstanding and you can fell it with your nose. The longevity is wonderful. Sillage at the beginning is great but it quickly changes for the one that wears close to the skin. I personally don’t care if others will sense it, it’s so great that I like to keep it’s aroma only for my own pleasure.

Azemour Les Oranges as well as other fragrances from Parfum d’Empire is an eau de parfum (except for one, Eau de Gloire being an eau de toilette). They are all available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles. Few words about the bottle and packaging. Parfum d’Empire come in round based sleek tower bottles. The cap is shaped to remind a crown (at least I find the similarity) and it’s decorated with the house logo. Label of each fragrance is in a different color, having a name and Parfum d’Empire logo printed on it. All their fragrances come packed in an aluminium tubes. If you’re looking for a great chypre, I highly recomment trying this one. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!


22 thoughts on “Orange emperor, Parfum d’Empire Azemour Les Oranges

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Wowee! I can almost smell this just based on your description. This seems to be lemming-worthy. Just so I don’t end up buying the wrong thing…the Luckyscent website has this simply listed as Parfum d’ Empire Azemour EDP and the words “les oranges” are not part of the name. Are there 2 different ones?

    On a related note for PdE, I kept trying to purchase the Discovery Set but the website doesn’t seem to want to accept U.S. addresses. Have you heard others complaining about this?

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, this is amazing! Defitely do try it when you’ll be ordering something from LuckyScent or someplace else. It’s gorgeous.
      Azemour EDP or Azemour Les Oranges are one and the same perfume. Don’t know why some sites don’t include “Les Oranges” part of the name. Anyway, it’s the same stuff.
      I’ve been wanting to purchase their big discovery set but at the point I’m now it’s worthless as I didn’t smell only few from the line. Will luckily pass along them someday. No, didn’t hear any complaints about Pd’E not sending to the US.

    • FYI – I ordered a set on the website last fall and I had no problems ordering it to VA. It’s definitely worth the money and it even came with a lovely hand written note. Great customer service. Good Luck.

  2. jillie says:

    This sounds lovely, Lucas. I am very keen on citrus/chypres; the spice and wood notes would add an extra depth. I have just ordered PdeN;s L’Eau a la Folie, which apparently smells a little like Chanel’s Cristalle – as you can tell, I am going through a lemon/green phase at the moment!

    • lucasai says:

      Try it when you get the chance, it really is a lovely citrus chypre. I’ve heard so much about L’Eau a la Folie lately, haven’t tried it myself.
      Enjoy your new perfume!

  3. I cannot express my love enough for this fragrance. They wonderful mossy chypre base finishes off the citirus so beautifully so that it never becomes too sweet and overpowering. Hmmm, I think I’ll go spray some on now!

    • lucasai says:

      Go for it! I need to have my own bottle. As well as Iskander and Eau de Gloire, these 3 suit my tastes so well. And I agree that their chypre base is really something amazing!

      • I did buy a 100ml this past summer and a 50ml of Iskander at the same time, which is already almost gone because of my use! As for Eau de Glorie, it wasn’t my favorite, but Eau Suave, I can’t get enough!

        • lucasai says:

          I liked the warm lavender with a light spicyness of anise in Eau de Gloire. But Iskander and Azemour are better (still I want all 3 + maybe Equistrius, haven’t made my mind on it yet)
          Now I’m stocking money (student are poor) for a purchase in November, and it might be Iskander. I don’t care if it suits autumn/winter time. If I don’t find anything better I’ll buy Iskander. It will eventually hibernate and wait for spring.

          • Good lord, as a student, I couldn’t even afford a new pair of socks let alone expensive fragrance. Having a passion and not being able to afford it would drive me crazy!!! But I guess having to wait and plan for a purchase makes you appreciate it that much more!

            • lucasai says:

              Yes, exactly. You know I have to let go of some other expenses to save the money, but the moment I can finally buy it is glorious. I’m a lot into splits so I’m going to split.
              That’s the way I do it. I’ll split Iskander and the money I’ll get from splitting half (or a little more) of it will be enough to buy Azemour and keep a nice part of it for me.

  4. Kafkaesque says:

    I am desperate to try Azemour. I hear nothing but the best things about it, along with a number of fragrances from this house. But I absolutely ADORE orange blossom scents. And this one sounds like it may be the very best of them all. It really will be the first thing I put on my list next time I order from Surrender to Chance. Perfume is such an expensive and never-ending temptation. *sigh*

  5. Kevin says:

    When I saw you reviewed this, I had to read it. I got a sample of Azemour a while back and absolutely fell in love. I plan to buy a bottle of it very soon – it was a total love at first sniff moment. It’s absolutely beautiful in a way that exceeded my wildest expectations. I’m also dying to try Iskander, which I am quite confident I will love based on the notes and reviews. What I love about this line is that for a niche perfumery, it’s still quite affordable, compared to many other niche options.

    “It smells very genuine, natural, sharing both bitter and sweet tones. It seems like you can find the whole orange here. It’s peel, juice, pulp, everything, even it’s leaves.” – This is how I described it to someone too. It’s like every bit of orange essence. I feel like orange can be a bit boring, but Azemour proved it doesn’t need to be. I cannot wait to wear this one in the warmer weather!

    • lucasai says:

      Azemour is exciting and you mentioned Iskander which is my favourite Parfum d’Empire and I’m getting it on my birthday in February.
      I see you’re excited about this brand so I’ll let you know a secret that I’ve got scheduled a review of another Pd’E for monday

      • Kevin says:

        Great choice for a birthday gift! 🙂 If I didn’t have others to choose from, I could totally see Azemour being one I’d be willing to wear every single day! I really like the Pd’E line, at least from what I’ve smelled. Cuir Ottoman was another standout from them for me – but I love leather scents, for the most part. Can’t wait to read your review – whichever Pd’E it is for!

      • Kevin says:

        My guess is Cuir Ottoman, and I’d love to see it as a review – though as I said, I like what I smelled, so I’d be thrilled with any of them. So my guess is Cuir Ottoman or Aziyade (which is one I am very curious about). Can’t wait to see if I am right! Haha!

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