Time to travel

Dear friends, here finally comes this time of the year when I’m going on summer holidays. I’ve been waiting almost for the entire callendar summer for the date to hit September 1st. I’ll be away for the next two weeks. And I’m going on an adventure! Literally! Most of my vacations so far were limited to staying at one place and visiting the neighboring areas. This year I’m doing something a bit more crazy. I will be traveling on my own accross Europe.

The plan is as follows:

  • September 1 – 4 – Berlin
  • September 4 – 8 – Paris
  • September 8 – 10 – Rome
  • September 10 – 13 – Florence

There is a lot of excitement in me right now. I love discovering new places and cultures and I’m so much into traveling. I’ll be meeting friends in Berlin and Paris. What makes me even more happy is the last stop in Florence. Can you guess why? Yes, I’m going there exclusively for Pitti Fragranze to experience the newest fragrance releases. And of course seeing all of the familiar faces will be exciting too! It will be hard for me to stay in touch with you as I will have internet access through wifi only in the evenings when I’m back in my room.

Wish me luck, on the land and in the air. Talk to you later! Love you all!

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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 30

Honestly speaking, I’m not the greatest fan of Francis Kurkdjian work. Sure he does fragrances very well but most of them don’t suit my personal style. And I really think that perfumes under his own brand, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, are overpriced by a lot. Yet I got pretty thrilled when I tried Oud Satin Mood. Believe it or not but it’s a 5th installment in oud collection within MFK range. This composition opens with a very soft and sensual rose note that floats in the air very freely, creating an impressive sillage right from the start. This rose has a deep color and rich aroma and that is additionally highlighted with custardy, a bit candied and powdery vibe of violet leaf. There is also a hefty dose of dark, oriental vanilla that gives this truly velvety (or should I say satin) finish. Oud in this perfume is an aerial being. I wouldn’t have expected an oud perfume that would be so light and ethereal. And benzoin adds a lovely resinous hue in the background. Oud Satin Mood is sophisticated and elegant, for me it would wear ideally in the autumn.

Mr. Vetiver by Une Nuit a Bali seems to be like a total contrary of Vetyver made by Le Galion. Mr. Vetiver begins in a very dry and spicy way, offering a mix of cardamom, aromatic basil and dry tarragon. The latter one smells a bit like dry grass or like a hay bale. In the background you can notice some grapefruit and lime mingling but instead of smelling their delicious juice you only get to smell the aromatic rind, so everything feels a bit astringent but still quite appealing to many. Geranium adds a portion of verdancy while vetiver itself continues this trend. It’s green, grassy and fresh, with all dryness and spiciness still going strong around it. A note of chilli brings a really hot and spicy sensation to the blend while moss gives a feeling like you were transported to some old forest where it hasn’t been raining for quite a while now. Gentle woodiness of amberwood closes the composition, wrapping everything together. Many of those things don’t seem to match but the perfume doesn’t fall apart. A lot of perfume lovers will enjoy Mr. Vetiver, especially men.

Blomma Cult from the newly established brand named Room 1015 is a very nice perfume that wears really well during warmer months. This fragrance opens with a pure and refreshing combination of bergamot (with juicy and sweet undertone) and brightly floral lilac. When I smelled this for the first time I immediately got the association that I would like my bed linen to smell like this. After a little while Blomma Cult becomes a bit more candy-like because of the violet but it also gains some elegant substance due to presence of cashmeran accord. This perfume also features patchouli for more depth and dimension. The drydown becomes tad sweet when you smell vanilla. It also develops this warm and enveloping aroma that is perfect for cuddling. A lovely dose of cinnamon fits surprisingly well in this mash-up of different notes. There is also some clean white musk in the drydown. The whole perfume is nice and easy to wear. Good for traveling or when you want to wear a perfume but don’t want it to be too noticeable.

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