Adriatic warmth, Angela Ciampagna Hatria

There are two things that thrill me the most in the perfume world. The first thing is learning that your favorite brand is going to release a new fragrance soon and when notes of it really appeal to you. The second one is to discover a completely new brand and its offering. Angela Ciampagna and I met for the first time around a year ago, at Pitti Fragranze. Her brand was unknown to me then, what made me excited to smell the fragrances displayed on a stand. As I introduced myself she was already aware of me and my blog. After going through 7 scents I have found my favorite

The very beginning of Hatria by Angela Ciampagna reveals a vivid rose note. It blooms on your skin in the next couple of minutes and emanates more and more floral tones. These bright red petals carry an incredibly rich, almost oily aroma of rose with hits of greenery – leaves and stems. It’s like a floral garden dedicated only to rose and its various species. It’s a beautiful and dreamy scent that will become even more enchanting as soon as the composition starts to develop.

A bit later this rose accord transforms into something with more density and substantivity. At that moment saffron joins the composition and slowly wraps its delicate arms around the red “bomb” of rose petals. Sensuality and warm spiciness of saffron seem to exist next to the rose note for the first couple of minutes but then these two get closer to each other, they fuse into one and Hatria smells like a magical blend of rose and saffron. There is something very elegant in this combination of notes and at some point these two chords blend so well that the aroma reminds me of an exquisite rose jam. It’s so yummy. There is a light oriental vibe to this stage as well.


Heart notes of Angela Ciampagna Hatria bring forth more heavy fragrant molecules. First noticeable aroma is oud. Fret not, there is just a little pinch of it that blends with spicy rose perfectly for an effect in similar direction to Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne or Rosam by Histoires de Parfums. Then a balsamic vibe of gurjun balsam appears and adds a balmy, resinous touch to this fragrance. I found this balsamic quality of Hatria to be rather light, absolutely not overpowering. There was also sweet element to this stage of development when I could smell a caramel note. It added some tender sweetness to the blend and made the perfume even softer.

Few hours later Hatria is a woody perfume with substantive aroma of guaiac wood, a hint of cypriol and a handful of patchouli. The latter one is styled in more woody & rooty direction, kind of makes me think of a dirtier version of vetiver. I could handle it. There is also a bunch of musk, balancing on the edge of clean and dirty. At a late stage some smoky element poofs in the air, when labdanum effuses its incense like molecules. That said, the overall feeling of woodiness is interrupted with a hint of light jasmine and with sweet spiciness of cloves.

As the perfume dries down many hours after initial application, Hatria from Angela Ciampagna smells on my skin of sensual musk, cloves that are sweet and spicy and to my surprise – rose is still present after all these hours. The perfume is beautiful and versatile – I really can’t say it’s more for woman than for a man. This fragrance is in eau de parfum concentration, 100 ml bottles with a top of a cap decorated with a wheel-like emblem or in 50 ml bottles without it. Longevity and sillage are really good. To me Hatria is a bit more suitable for a colder day.

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Happy Mother’s Day


It’s Mother’s Day today in Poland and as it happened this year, it’s also a Corpus Christi feast on the same day. It’s a bank holiday here. I wanted to use this opportunity to wish all the best to all moms out there as well as to my lovely mum who had to go to work on her special day. She knows I love her very much and gifts are not necessary to express that, still she will get a lovely present tomorrow when she comes back home. I’m sure she will be happy about it.

I also wanted to apologize for the lack of perfume posts lately. I’ve been busy at work and didn’t feel like writing about anything. Also the last couple of days were around 28*C which made me feel more tired after coming back home. Moreover my mind has been occupied by one more thing about which I cannot tell you just now. But I promise to do so when I can! The temperature is also a bit down as of today so expect a new perfume review coming up in the next few days. I hope everyone will have a good day, no matter if you celebrate Mother’s Day today or not. Talk to you soon.


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