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Molecular flower, Aether Rose Alcane

Perfume enthusiasts often highlight how much they love natural ingredients in their fragrance. At the same time many of them express their negative attitude towards synthetic materials. They admit that they loathe, despise them. I don’t understand these people. And not just because I’m a chemist. If I like the perfume I don’t really care which part was harvested from the field and which was harvested in a process of lab synthesis. It’s the final effect that matters to me.

In last years we could observe the appearance of few new conceptual brands that were happy to admit their perfume is entirely made of synthetic ingredients – such as Nomenclature or Aether. And of course there was Escentric Molecules before them. Even if the concept is odd, the perfume is a perfume, is a perfume, is a perfume… and I want to try it. Aether debuted in 2016 as a new brand from Nicolas Chabot who revived Le Galion. I liked those scents, it’s not forbidden.

Among 6 fragrances I liked Rose Alcane the most. In the line each composition is dedicated to one iconic fragrance molecule & as you probably guessed already – Rose Alcane is a tribute to rose oxide. On my skin this perfume is opening with a tart & zesty smell of grapefruit that becomes watered down quite quickly and is followed by a gentle scent of rose. Aroma of rose had a sparkling, bubbly feeling to it and instantly it gave me an impression of smelling some champagne rosé.


The smell is uplifting, invigorating. It reminded me of Liquides Imaginaires Dom Rosa. After some time my nose was struck by a sudden metallic vibe. It was cold, tingly and surrealistic. As if someone threw an ice-cold cube of metal into your flute of champagne. Very strange feeling but at the same time Rose Alcane kept my attention awake. Metallic vibe subsides just as suddenly as it appeared. After that happened I was left with a dewy smell of flowers and greenery.

Rose continues to go on until the perfume fades to nothing. It is very pale and sheer. Dewy is a suitable word to describe it as it smells watery on my skin. It also blends with the smell of watered grass or some other water plant, like a bamboo or something. Rose Alcane lasts in this form for some time and before it releases its final breath, it smells to me of dewy apples & pears. It’s very gentle and transparent composition, a rather minimalistic one.

This offering from Aether would probably serve well to those of you who are not yet convinced if rose belongs to their perfumed fairytale or not. If someone is a rose fan, Rose Alcane might not be enough. It’s a good candidate for a perfume refreshment in the summer though, since it’s so light & airy. Shame the only size is 50 ml. A travel, pocket-size spray would be useful from time to time. Rose Alcane was composed by 2 perfumers: Amelie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel.

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What’s in a number?

It’s this time of the year again! But before we get to celebrate The Oscars 2017 on 26th February there is another thing to celebrate two days earlier, on 24th – that is today. Far away from the flashing cameras, paparazzi, red carpet, on a different continent I’m having my own celebration because it’s my birthday. Can I be honest with you? Every year when this day approaches I get this weird questions appearing in my head, like – am I a good person? What am I doing with my life? Am I doing things right? Is it what I want? And of course I have many doubts if I’m able to answer them properly. At the age of 27 I surely don’t know everything.


But you know what? Things are changing. Actually many things have changed already! And I can also feel it in my bones that 2017 might be a life-changing year with something amazing happening in coming months. You know I have dreams. And you know I dream big. But there were first signs last year and they can create a correct path to fulfilling them. For a certain – there is no room for giving up in my life. Things don’t happen when you want them to – they happen when the world things you are ready for them. I have time, I’m still young, I’m patient. I will wait!

Every year I treat myself to a special birthday perfume. This year I’ve been thinking a lot and I narrowed it down to: Chanel Boy, Hiram Green Arbole Arbole, Neela Vermeire Creations Rahele, Guerlain Derby. Can you help me decide? Since none of them are available in Poland I would shop for them online or in case of Chanel/Guerlain, I would buy them in boutique when in Milan next month. Now everyone – there’s a champagne over there and here I have some chocolate-pear cake. We can party all night long to celebrate my 27th birthday. You are the best fragrance friends!

PS. All digits in my birth date sum to 27, by the way.

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