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Berlin stroll, April Aromatics Unter den Linden

Last couple of years show that people get more conscious about origins of their favorite products. They started to care about what is their bread made of, if eggs they eat come from hens that can run around or if other things they eat contain any chemical substances. The trend for healthy and natural products also touches a branch of personal care market these days. Many of us are looking for natural skin care, for simple yet effective formulas. Even perfume making can be done organic way now & we have some great natural perfumers out there. Tanja Bochnig is one of them.

I got to know about April Aromatics probably few years ago and the first fragrance I tried was Unter den Linden. I have no good excuse as to why I didn’t write about it earlier, so I’m going to remedy that today. The composition starts with sour, almost acidic bergamot. There’s something screenchy about it for the initial moment, afterwards it becomes milder, zesty, with a gentle hint of albedo (white soft part under citrus peel). From that point the perfume smoothly transforms into linden blossom aroma. Charged with the power of the Sun, Unter den Linden presents its floral bouquet. The smell of citric flowers is so vibrant and rich, with a lot of warmth to it.


Some time later the sweet floral aroma of linden is entwined with another interesting facet. Once honey note joins the composition it feels as if all these flowers were immersed in a gold liquid. Honey adds a tender sweetness to Unter den Linded but it’s not just the sweetness. I find something quite balsamic, resinous about the honey accord and I just cannot escape the impression of an animalic hint coming from it. Once it fades away, the perfume becomes more powdery – there’s a little bit of mimosa in it, that is combined with frangipani that gives a little more creamy effect. Gardenia and magnolia add a final floral touch. Also a little bit of citrus is still mingling in the background but lets not forget that it’s linden that is still in the center of attention.

To me April Aromatics Unter den Linden is a perfume of a dreamy summer. It’s something you’d want to wear on a mild day, when you can lay in a hammock and enjoy some book-reading. It’s a dose of sun just for you, as well as a daily portion of positive energy. I perceive this fragrance as laid back, it’s also quite easy to wear if you ask me. It’s sillage has moderate power and longevity of this natural fragrance oscillates around 6 hours on my skin. Unter den Linden is made in eau de parfum concentration. It’s available in 30 ml bottles as well as in 15 ml travel spray.

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Soundtrack of a perfume

No matter how you look at it I think we can say that in everyday life we are surrounded by art in some form. Be it architecture, painting or something more compact, like literature, film or music. Great thing about all these different aspects of art is that they don’t have any stiff boundaries. They are fluid and can easily entwine with each other. For example a book can inspire a painter, a musician can be inspired by a painting and so on. If perfume is an art, it can also serve as inspiration. For example I have a friend who creates beautiful paintings based on her perfume encounters, she calls them duftarts (german duft means perfume).


It’s a really original thing to depict own interpretation of a fragrance on canvas, using brush and paint. Just like perfume & painting seem like a great match, perfume & music doesn’t seem so obvious and easy to connect. Yet sometimes when I write a perfume review there is a moment when specific music starts to play in my head. It feels as if some note or accord was able to press play and turn on a specific tune. I’m not a musician, so perfume don’t trigger completely new melodies in my head. Music that sometimes starts playing in my head is a song I already know.

In some of my articles I mentioned experiencing a music association with a perfume. For example Puredistance Sheiduna had a hidden sound of Sting – Shape of my Heart or Van Cleef & Arpels Moonlight Patchouli had a vibe of La La Land to me. It’s hard to describe but I think it’s a specific mood created by an olfactory impression that allows to associate it with specific melody. Did you ever experience similar situation, when smelling a perfume gave you the idea of a song? Or maybe you like to listening to some music while wearing a perfume? Please share in the comments below.

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