Coral reef, Parfums de Nicolai L’Eau Corail

Coral is a beautiful and mysterious being. Over long years they can create breathtaking and colorful structures that could be easily mistaken for underwater cities. Many of us immediately think of seas, warm climate and summer leisure when they hear about coral. It also seems to work as an inspiration for Patricia de Nicolai who recently composed new summer fragrance for her brand.

L’Eau Corail joins the trend of sheer scents in a fruity floral theme. The composition begins with tart and juicy blackcurrant note that is very bright and aromatic. It has some additional juiciness provided by a bunch of sun-kissed oranges. What I really love about this opening is that it feels so warm and inviting. It simply feels like… like summer! And then, after 15-20 minutes there is this gorgeous minty note appearing on top of my skin. It’s nice and cool, also incredibly fresh, not much herbal or toothpaste-y (sic!), just imagine a summer cocktail with a decorative mint leaf on top.

After a while I start to smell some mango. It definitely introduces a tropical sensation to the blend of L’Eau Corail but it’s reasonably weak and not as stunning as NVC Bombay Bling which I consider as a best mango reference perfume. In this perfume Patricia has used a lemon leaf which I have never met in perfume before. However I smelled something that to me was a milder, less dusty version of petitgrain, so it could be just the thing. After a while this new Parfums de Nicolai scent starts to effuse some very gentle floral tones. Those include jasmine, rose and also some osmanthus. I did notice a flowery tea aroma but it was very pale, almost transparent on me.

As the time flies, L’Eau Corail gains just a tiny bit of weight. The composition includes cardamom which mildly spices up the blend. Furthermore there are some insubstantial woody notes such as cedar and sandalwood. In fact – I didn’t smell them at all! But I could smell the specific verdant aroma of mate (that tea variety). L’Eau Corail is said to have some amber in it and indeed, it has that nice luminous glimmer on the skin that brings to you this calming, soothing warmth. Finally we have an accord of musk. For this perfume it has been applied with a light hand. There is not much of musk in here and it’s kind of milky and creamy. With a hint of clean vibe too.

All in all, Parfums de Nicolai L’Eau Corail is exactly what it’s meant to me. It’s an easy to wear, easy to enjoy eau fraiche with a lot of outgoing and non-demanding style. You just spray it on and you’re ready to rock your day. No strings attached, no special efforts needed to extract the best out of this fragrance. It’s pretty lightweight and it stays close to the skin for all the time. But 6-8 hours of lasting power was a positive surprise. This perfume will surely make you feel happy.

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16 thoughts on “Coral reef, Parfums de Nicolai L’Eau Corail

  1. jillie says:

    Oh my goodness, this is spooky. My husband has been asking me what I would like as a wedding anniversary present in July; in England special anniversaries are accorded materials, eg the first is marked by a presentation in paper, the thirtieth is pearl and fifty years is celebrated with gold. Ours will be …… coral!

    You know how much I liked PdeN’s L’Eau a la Folie (I’m always mentioning it!) and I just know that this is going to partly fill that vacancy and will also solve my husband’s puzzle as to what to buy me as an anniversary gift!

    Thank you, Lucas. What good timing.

  2. Holly says:

    Awesome review, Lucas! I felt simultaneously refreshed and invigorated just reading it! I look forward to trying this one.

    • lucasai says:

      Glad you think so! Even though the review is not very long I felt that this length is enough since the perfume is not much complicated or something.

      Looking forward to hear your thoughts once you try it.

  3. Caitlin says:

    I’ve just made a note to sample this one. I’m always eager to try something new from Patricia de Nicolai, and L’Eau Corail sounds perfect for summer. Thanks for this lovely write-up!

  4. hajusuuri says:

    Wow, Lucas! This sounds wonderful! i will have to seek this out!

  5. Undina says:

    When I read “black currant”, I immediately want to try the perfume in question – and especially since you say you like it.

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