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5th blog birthday – giveaway

Birthday is not a real birthday without presents. For Chemist in the Bottle 5th anniversary it’s not me who’ll be getting a present, but you. Let it be my way to express how grateful I am for having such lovely group of readers like you. All you’ll have to do is to answer a question, but nobody said it’ll be easy. You’ll have to get creative. Here’s a theme for 5th birthday challenge.

There are hundreds of perfume out there but is there a one that tics all boxes of an ideal perfume? No? Let your imagination do the thing – give a name to your ideal perfume and describe what it smells like. If you want you can even say with which perfumer you’d like to collaborate on your ideal scent or how the packaging should look like.


This is an exclusive giveaway for Chemist in the Bottle readers. To be eligible for participating you should be a blog follower until June 2017 or earlier. To enter the giveaway please submit your idea (1 per person) in the comments below before July 16. Once we reach that date I’ll have few perfume blogging friends help me to score all entries. Author of the highest scoring idea will win a 100 ml bottle of Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve. 2nd place will receive a mixed travel set from Aedes de Venustas. Rank 3 will get to enjoy Puredistance sample giftset.

Good luck to everyone! I can’t wait to read about what kind of ideal perfumes hide in your imagination. Who knows, maybe one day these imaginary scents will turn into reality.

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High five!

Hello July! Did you notice that half of a year is now behind us? When did this time pass? But if I were to rewind these days I would say there’s no need to as I think that first half of 2017 was fine for me. There were better and worse days, but that’s totally normal. There have been some stressful moments at work but I hope I’m safe in this tough situation. And lets not forget that there’s always something to look forward to. Like summer holidays that I’m hoping to plan soon.

You might start to wonder – why is he telling me all that? The reason is simple. It’s because last weekend, on Saturday – June 1, Chemist in the Bottle turned 5! My birthday or blog birthday, just like the end of the year are a moment of reflection. I didn’t expect that something that started out of a personal need to share own thoughts with others would survive and keep going for 5 years. From the start I treated the blog as a hobby, not as a duty or a job that had to be done.

Of course I still remember the beginning of Chemist in the Bottle. I didn’t expect to have any readers yet they came. There were quite many of them as I encouraged people who kept reading my reviews at Basenotes & other forums that they could join me at a newly launched blog. I remember how I tried to promote my writing by guest-posting at other popular perfume website but I was always denied. And always with a same excuse – “your English is not good enough”. I struggled.


I kept going on my own while number of active visitors kept melting down. But at the same time a solid group of regulars started to form. With time Chemist in the Bottle was earning more recognition & those who previously said that my English was too poor admitted that it became much more polished over time. And this perfumed adventure lasts for 5 years already, which is unbelievable. Nowadays I don’t think I’m writing for too many people but I know who they are & I know I can count on them. So I want to express my heartfelt thank you to these people – you know who you are.

Chemist in the Bottle has given me many things. Obvious fact – that it has given me a great opportunity to explore a vast sea of perfume, to discover more and less-known brands. This blog has given me friends & I’m grateful for that. You are all my friends, yes you are! I met some of you face to face but many of you I have yet to meet. And I believe that one day we’ll have a chance. Chemist in the Bottle gave me opportunities to travel. With my first application to go to Esxence and being accepted as a press guest I was enamored. Now I can’t imagine not going.

Writing this blog week after week, with better or worse regularity also helped me realize how I change. And it’s not just about growing up, leaving university years behind and stepping into the adulthood. It’s about building my own character & personality. I’m also thankful for all the confidence given to me by different brands. For their trust, for their care about my opinions and for making me realize that even if a world of Chemist in the Bottle is a small one – it’s big enough for perfume brands to be aware of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you – it would be impossible without you!

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