Brightest smile, Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima

During the first year of my niche perfume explorations there were many brands that didn’t get my attention. There were perfume houses I didn’t know back then, some were familiar to me but were not available locally. Finally there were brands I’ve decided to try some other time as I thought that getting more experience with more basic niche perfumes will improve my olfaction and help to appreciate the beauty of more complex creations. One of such brands was Eau d’Italie.

I really can’t tell why, but I wasn’t interested in the fragrance offer from this perfume house earlier. It was probably because most of their products didn’t sound like something that could draw attention of a budding perfumista I was. The thing changed couple of months ago when I read the announcement that Eau d’Italie will be launching their first classic citrus perfume. Knowing my love for citrus fragrances and amazing Italian style that accompanies them I just had to try Acqua Decima, the 10th perfume in the brand’s offer.

Joy, sun, fun, summer, lemonade, happiness, freshness, aquapark, sea – these are just a couple of words that come to my mind while I’m wearing Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima. This magnificent fragrance reveals on my skin with a juicy and bright lemon note. It is so natural, so realistic and beautiful as if I was squeezing a real citrus. The aroma it has is slightly bitter-sweet and is absolutely mouthwatering! The great thing about it is that it never gets too screechy or acidic.

The joyful splash of lemon in Acqua Decima becomes softer after a few minutes and it gains the delicate and subtle sweetness when mandarin orange joins the composition. It’s a perfume ode to summer in my opinion. This Eau d’Italie has an incredible power to bring the brightest smile to your face. There’s so much positive energy within it – it would be a sin not to smile while wearing it.

After a while the fragrance develops some outstanding aromatic qualities. When mint appears on the scene with its glory, I start to see Acqua Decima in a different light. The perfume is now a combination of citrus and green. Lemon and mandarin are still present but mint leaf is the main player now. This note effuses a gorgeous, intensively green smell. It feels like you crushed the freshly picked leaves to prepare a delicious mojito or some other kind of refreshing or exotic cocktail to quench your thirst.

Within 60 minutes the entire minty-citrus concoction slowly evolves into something a little bit lighter. Neroli in this particular perfume is done in a soft, slightly sweet way. There’s some delicate white floral quality to it, but generally it’s the soft sweetness in Acqua Decima that marks the presence of neroli oil in the perfume blend. At some point of evolution this scent by Eau d’Italie reached a light woodsy stage. It’s not any specified kind of wood, just smooth and tender one. One thing which is sure is that it’s not any of the dark wood species. A blond wood, or a lemon tree wood maybe?

The woody quality of Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima that appears on my skin in the drydown stage of the perfume is later continued with a hint of vetiver. It’s a woody vetiver which is fine with me plus it’s similar to the vetiver in Carner Barcelona D600 which is more than fine for my personal vetiver taste. The pyramid of notes from Fragrantica mentions petitgrain as one of the middle notes but on my numerous wearings I didn’t smell it. I don’t care because the rest is fabulous!

Just like Eau d’Italie promises on the website, Acqua Decima really is a classic citrus perfume. I would say more – to me it’s one of the best citrus fragrances created ever, or at least in the last decade. It’s super pure and very realistic. It’s also pretty natural which can’t be said about many perfumes launching nowadays. It has that elegant and refined Italian style I adore. No surprise I fell in love with it so quickly. Now I have my own bottle of this impeccable beauty.

I totally agree with Mark Behnke of Cafleurebon, who called Acqua Decima a “Lemon Supernova” in his review. This new fragrance from Eau d’Italie is available in 100 ml bottles. The outer box in azure/turquoise color hides a tall bottle made of white, almost non-transparent glass. The front side of the flacon is also turquoise with big white letters forming the name of the scent. Perfumer responsible for creating it is Alberto Morillas. On my skin Acqua Decima lasts 6-8 hours and has a nice sillage. Citrus lovers – it’s a must-try for you!

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25 thoughts on “Brightest smile, Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima

  1. jilliecat says:

    Yet another fragrance that would be perfect for me, thank you! You must stop tempting me.

    Today I am wearing Parfums de Nicolai’s L’Eau d’Ete, which is great for the heat we have here today – I get a lovely powerful blast of lime initially, and it then develops into a lightly floral citrus with woody undertones. Longevity is good for a citrus – if I put it on at bedtime, there is still a delicious clean aroma in the morning.

    Have a good week away.

    • lucasai says:

      We’ve got similar taste for citrus, right Jillie?

      That Parfums de Nicolai sounds great, I didn’t have a chance to try fragrances from this line. I think I got like two samples from someone in a swap but that’s all, I don’t know any more. Wish they were in Poland or at least offered samples 😉

      Thank you! You won’t miss me – posts will appear normally at my absence. I will just reply to the comments less frequently.

      • jilliecat says:

        I am glad that I will still be getting my fix of the Chemist!

        Yes, we two are certainly citrus fans. When the heat is on, I really can’t fancy anything else. And I drink lots of lemon tea and drizzle lime juice onto my salads. Lovely. Tarte au Citron is my favourite dessert. Just show me a lemon and I am happy.

  2. Scent Bound says:

    Very passionate review, Lucas. I’ve tried most of the line and I find them fairly unique, the type of scents that require acquired taste. I’m glad to hear they have something more classic. I have Eau d’Italie from the line. It’s watery bitter fresh but I can’t wear it more than a day. My tolerance for it is only so much. I’m curious to try Decima though.

    • lucasai says:

      Glad to hear that from you 🙂
      I agree they’re fairly unique and the prices are very acceptable. So you own the very first scent they created. I’ll be sure to try it one day too. I’m planning to explore the brand for sure.
      I’m happy I made you curious about the scent.

  3. Undina says:

    I’ve tried just two of their perfumes and they both left me cold: both were nice but not to think about them the second time or to want to wear. And I really dislike those bottles.

    Having said that, I’m glad you found a perfume about which you could write such a passionate review. I’m not a big citrus fan (I do not mind those perfumes but do not love any of them either) but if I get a chance I’ll test this one – just because you liked it that much.

    • lucasai says:

      I understand you. That sometimes happens that a perfume is indifferent to us. In my case that even happened for the brand I really like.
      It’s not that I’m in love with Eau d’Italie bottles but I think they’re nice. I like the colorful labels.

      Thank you for saying the review is passionate. I really live Acqua Decima and am happy to have a bottle. Glad I could make you a little bit interested about the scent. Considering the fact that you sound rather negative about the brand it’s a compliment when you say you’ll try it because of me, when you get the chance.

  4. Mary K says:

    I haven’t tried this one yet, but must do so, as I like citrus, too. I have Au Lac from this line and like it. That one is light, but has a certain amount of musc; not sure how some people would react to that in a lighter perfume. Another lemon that I tested recently is Mary Greenwell Lemon, which was nice, too. Aqua Decima sounds more interesting, though.

    • lucasai says:

      If you like citrus you should be satisfied with Acqua Decima. I remember having a sample of Au Lac but I swapped it (wasn’t interested in the brand then)
      Have not tried MG Lemon, is it pretty simple?
      Do let me know what you think when you try Acqua Decima.

      • jilliecat says:

        Hope you don’t mind me butting in on this, but I have tried the Mary Greenwell, Lucas. As our citrus tastes are so similar, I suspect you would not be impressed as it really isn’t lemon at all! There’s a slight hint, but disappointingly there’s no zing and I am sad to say it isn’t very interesting. The name is misleading!

        • lucasai says:

          No, not at all Jillie! If you know something more about the perfume I don’t then you’re welcome to share! So Mary Greenwell Lemon is nor really a lemon? That’s a shame. Lemon with no zing is no lemon 😛
          Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

  5. Funny, I have not gotten into this brand as well. I think it’s the packaging. The bottles, etc. look like they are for bath gels from a discount store like Target or something of the like.

    • lucasai says:

      Really? When I saw it the first time I didn’t think of it as a cheap bath gel product…
      Too bad the packaging can so often put us off the brand.

  6. hajusuuri says:

    Oooooh, I love citrus (way much more than florals) and this sounds like a must try. I, too, hate the packaging. The bottle looks like it could be sitting on someone’s kitchen sink to hold dish soap and the font of the label is too tall and skinny. If I am not mistaken, isn’t the bottle really heavy and the corners are really sharp? Great review, my dear!

    • lucasai says:

      You’d like it, I’m sure of it. You too don’t like the packaging? That’s what I like about it, those tall white letters on a background of a certain color.
      The bottle is not very heavy and no, corners are not sharp, they’re rounded.

  7. Mary K says:

    I actually did get lemon in the Mary Greenwell Lemon and quite a bit of it. (I detected plum in her perfume by that name when other didn’t smell that note, either.) Just depends on the person, I am thinking.

  8. I will certainly have to order a sample of this. Thanks for the excellent review.

  9. […] ultra freshness of Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius. I also can’t forget about my mojito-lemonade like Aqua Decima from Eau d’Italie. Eau de Neroli Dore from Hermes is also my summer […]

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